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    so im starting to write more articles on the front page of this website.

    i plan on writing about self publishing, photography, camera stuff. also photographer features as we have done in the past. and also turn some of these forums topics into articles.

    i wanted to invite you guys to submit articles if you have anything in particular you are thinking about.

    but i also just wanted to ask, what would you like to see? what kind of info do you guys need that is not out there already? are you more into info or commentary?

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    Love the first couple articles! Got me movtivated to work on my next zine!

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    Looks like you have quite a bit of the topics I am interested in. Self-publishing, printing, etc.

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    I always love people talking about things they make. Whatever form that takes. And whatever they make. It doesn’t matter. It’s all the same.

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    Great articles man. I get a decent amount of messages as well about zine making etc…I’ll be linking them to yours next time. I was really digging the history of hamburger eyes articles. Photog features sound rad as well. keep it up!

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    ok, glad you guys like!!

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    I have really liked the articles. More history is great! I’m always writing stuff. Will send something your way if I think it fits.

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    Really like the articles and think the last one about “nobody cares about your photography or so” was spot on. I think photographer features and maybe some interview stuff can be good if its not usual kinda questions. Also really like reading your thoughts ray, thanks.

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    Ray, killin it on the articles.

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    thanks guys! not sure what is happening but this stuff is pouring out of me. most of this stuff is coming from my emails and i realize i have been doing emails for a while. more stuff coming!

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    Hell yeah! Looking forward to more articles!

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