anyone know anything about artist residencies

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    Could be a cool topic to chat about. I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona and do one. Anyone have any experience or knowledge with residencies anywhere?

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    i have applied for them before lol. never got one, but i also applied for grants and have been awarded a couple.

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    I haven’t really found artist residencies to be helpful in the kind of work I do. Usually they require you to go to some place I wouldn’t really want to be for a couple weeks or a month, (I still gotta pay rent at home) and they give you access to equipment that I don’t really need. So I’ve tended to focus on grants. I have only got a couple, but they’re real hard cash that can be used for the work I’m really doing instead of me thinking I have to change the work to do the residency. That said, if someone knows of a residency in Amsterdam, or London, I really need excuses to get back there and take more photos.

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    yeah, youre right about the residencies. i applied for one in new mexico one time and i kept thinking if i get it, what will i shoot out there. i still would have fun, but at the time i was shooting a ton in san francisco.

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