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    Love shooting 35mm film. Especially black and white. I started with Tri-x and HP5. To save money I started bulk loading HP%. I noticed that even the 100ft rolls of HP5 started going up in price, so I changed to Kentmere. I do love HP5 & Tri-x but mainly shoot with Kentmere 400. Luckily the 100ft rolls are still $45.00. Has the price of film made you change how you shoot and what you shoot? I do shoot digital every now and then, but just love the process of shooting and developing film!


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    Honestly, I never look at the price of film. If theres one place I don’t cut corners its with my photos. I shoot what I’ve always shot purchased from the same camera store in lower Manhattan for most of my life. To me my work is worth more than saving some money.

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    I always shot tmax for that reason. Some spots its like $3 or more over trix or hp5. I mean I def bought trix when times were tight. But 90% of my fave photos are on tmax.

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    I bulk loaded Kentmere for a little while and I hated it. Maybe I just didn’t develop it right. When I was doing some pricing it didn’t seem worth it to bulk load any Kodak stuff. I shoot like 90% Tri-X now. I love it.

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