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When I shot film my all time favorites were the Olympus XA, Contax T2, Lomo LC-A, and also had a Canon Eos Kiss (some # I cant remember) that I usually used to slap a 50mm I had. All of that is gone. Gone fully digital mid 2011.

Here’s my current setup.

• Sony A7iii + 55mm + 35mm (sold everything I had to fund this body 🙁 )
• Ricoh GR II

The ricoh appears with the hood tube that I duct taped in order to prevent dust coming in. This is my 3rd Ricoh GR in 5 years, and I bought this one literally the day before I flew to Peru in May this year so didnt manage to get the usual stick on UV filter I put on it. still compact tho 😀

Not very happy with this setup tho. Is heavy and bulky. IQ is amazing for sure. But I wish for a true compact (GR compact) 35/40mm equivalent carry on camera.