May 17 2010


thanks everyone who came to the opening! i forgot to take any photos but i did get about 3 mins of footy, edited it down to 1 min and change. sometimes its too crazy photoing an event based on photoing. i saw some photos on google in different spots, but now cant find them, let us know if you have some, thanks again!..

May 07 2010


this is going to be nuts!

some key notes:
*this place is easily the biggest square footage weve ever handled
*i got a little hd flip style cam and will be recording stuff
*working with alot of amazing photogs that have never shown with us
*we’re showing color photos, lots
*i will probably have to stay awake for the next 3 days
*the $5 admission is sliding scale, its sort of a donation, no one will get turned away, get it

Mar 01 2010


old commercial made for the PHOTO EPICENTER! this was shot as an excercise for school by the homie JIMMIE ARMENTROUT. we turned it into a commercial. the PHOTO EPICENTER is a lot different now then what is portrayed here a couple years back. but the nectar is still there, that is the ultimate darkroom facility or what i like to call the ultimate masterpiece factory. we still have room for more members..


Sep 05 2009


this video here by australian nick fogarty has been making rounds all over the internet lately. so much so that it made the front page of vimeo, crazy huh. im re-posting because there is zero information about it. anyways, ill just list some fun facts: the footage was shot in 2006. it wasnt edited till 2008. they spelled ted’s name wrong. we were prepping for our show at steven wolf fine arts gallery. boogie, maddux, and goto had an opening at upper playground gallery at the exact same time which is why youll notice 2 different gallery settings. i was super busy and flaking which is why theres no audio of me. it was all shot on 16mm. i really dunked that basketball. and that bird really attacked stefan. i think nick did a great job.


im posting this because its more up to date. this was filmed early 2008 last year as our hardcover book on powerhouse was about to come out..

Aug 02 2009


people been asking about the where abouts of this thing, so i re-uploaded it. it is one of the only things that was recovered from the great hard drive crash of ’09. anyways, this is the first episode of a tv show we tried to do for the website a few years ago..

Apr 22 2009


i been out a town a bunch but finally got a chance to mess with this miami footage, thanks again to everyone involved, it was the nutsest.. if you havent checked it yet, check dave’s recap of the whole weekend..