Sep 06 2018


Photo by Jimbo Celzo

I was thinking of possible Youtube series’s for the Hamburger Eyes channel and came across all the new Nikon and Canon mirrorless videos while researching camera and photography channels. Ok no one even owns these cameras yet because they just announced them and they aren’t shipping these cameras for months. But, all these people are making videos of their reactions to this particular news. Basically they are reviewing cameras that aren’t even out yet. I guess it is not that crazy but wow you can do anything on Youtube.

Seems like the big photo channels are camera reviews and how-to’s, or at least that’s what the algorithm is feeding me in my research. I think we could make something different and cool. What do you think?

Photo by Ricky Adam

Photo by Bill Burke

Photo by Vaclav Tvaruzka

Aug 28 2018


Photo by Arthur Pollock

So I kinda feel extra chit chatty this week. I hope it’s not annoying. A. I think updating the site feels like I’m “working on my business” and B. I came up with a cool plan to pick 20 photos once a week from the archives, post them here first, and IG second. But since IG is hungry every day, then I got to be posting here every day too. And like I said before posting here feels like it requires text. Ok, going into the forums now.

Aug 26 2018


Photo by Elmo Tide

I mentioned it already in the forums, we are deleting all the photos there. LOL. The truth is sooner or later people are going to start dumping all their photos in there and we are just not technically equipped for all that. I thought I could hire some one or study up or maybe even take some programming classes but why try to re-invent flickr or any other social media site.

The forums will still exist but as a low key discussion board situation. Links will still work and I think it will still be awesome. See you on the other side.

Photo by Thatcher Keats

Aug 23 2018


Photo by Olivier Bekaert

Ok so I had deleted the Hamburger Eyes insta account a couple months ago and then I realized I should maybe have an account for “business” so I re-started it. And now I got to fill it back up with photos. I am thinking I will go into the archives once a week and pick out a batch, post them here on the site first, (in case I delete it again) and then post them to insta. Yeah? Yeah.

Obviously you will see some photos you have seen before if you have been paying any kind of attention to us in the past few years. I am thinking that is a non issue. Yeah? Yeah.

Photo by Caleb Stein

I will try to stick to newer photos. I consider right now to be the beginning of “Chapter 3” of the Hamburger Eyes story. I will use Chapter 2 and 3 archives only from now on.

Photo by Joe Plonsker

On insta I never feel compelled to write a caption especially since they are mostly not my photos. But here on the site, it feels mandatory to write something. Which is totally fine, I like it actually.

Aug 23 2018


Photo by Louis Fabries

Hello Gang. A quick update here. Actually, not much to update. Just an apology. We lost a big batch of orders and have been slow to replacing them. We had to move offices. We tried out a new distro model that didn’t work out. We put out a bunch of stuff these past 2 months and we basically bit off more than we can chew. So this month has been about catching up and freelancing as much as possible. (Hamburger Eyes doesn’t quite pay for itself yet.) But we are terribly sorry if you have been waiting for a package. We are almost all caught up and soon will release the next issue!

Photo by Chris Leskovsek

Jul 17 2018


Rest in Peace Arthur Pollock. Our friend recently passed away. Great photographer, great guy, and great father to our great friend, Jesse Pollock. Jesse and I are working on a special issue of Hamburger Eyes showcasing his father’s work. Coming soon. These photos here are a sneak peak.

Jesse has published his father’s photos many times, visit his site here –

Jun 20 2018


Photo by Terry Zumalt

Ok, we haven’t done this in a while. Double issue release coming up. Issues No. 34 and No. 35 on deck and out later this week. We will have a combination deal to get both of them. We have so many good photos to share with you. Stay tuned. Here is a sneak peak of what is to come.

Photo by Jefferson Lankford

Photo by Angelo Partemi

Photo by Bouwe Brouwer

Photo by Jimbo Celzo

Photo by Caleb Stein

Photo by David Saxe

Photo by Matt Gottwig

Photo by Katia Morichetti

Photo by William Castellana

Photo by Nick Whiteford

Photo by Tommaso Sacconi

Photo by Fernanda Peruzzo

Photo by Ray Potes

Photo by Robert Curl

Photo by Sophie Barbasch

Photo by Peter Black

Photo by Alex Merola