Jun 15 2018


Photos from the WORLD CHAMPS zine celebrating another win for the Warriors. It’s always fun to go nuts in the streets after a championship win and happy to say this is the 6th one I got to photograph. More photos here.

Check out the zine : http://shophamburgereyes.com

Ran into Troy Holden as usual.

May 31 2018


Photo by Ray Potes

Some photos from Hamburger Eyes No. 13 published in 2009. File this one under Hamburger Eyes “Behind the Music”. It was super hard to edit down this issue to a few photos for this post so this post might be the longest one ever. Back then our issues only came out maybe once or twice a year. We had a long time to edit piles of submissions and we would cram at least 50 photographers into one zine. This issue had 150 pages and we printed about 3000 copies. I don’t know how many photogs but it was a lot.

Photo by Karna Kurata

I consider this era of Hamburger Eyes to be our “heyday” or when we peaked. Probs between 2007 – 2009. For some reason we had a lot of press, we had huge photo exhibitions happening in different cities, and we had just gotten our book deal with Powerhouse. We had good distribution, advertisements in the zine, and the darkroom facility that we would hang out at basically just handed the keys and the lease to us.

Photo by Bill Burke

But the economy was crashing. You don’t think these things will effect you until they do. A bunch of retailers were closing, which meant the distributor was ordering less and a lot of those retailers were also our advertisers. And we got a gigantic amount of bills added to the plate because we had the lab. To give you an idea, just to run the r4 processor was $600 a month and some times, actually a lot of times, we didn’t even have 1 customer.

Photo by Bryan Derballa

I was like, let’s keep the lab going and I am ok with Hamburger Eyes being done. Issue number 13 is a good number to go out on. It is a great issue with great photos. It was a great run. We’ll just teach classes and workshops, make this one room a gallery/book store, have events, rent out some of the offices, etc.

Photo by Bill Daniel

But I still felt like making zines at least. I had a nice lazer printer and there was tons of room for xerox machines etc. So we started making zines. Tons of them. I considered Hamburger Eyes a zine publisher and we published at least 2 or more zines a month. At that time when people were asking for a new issue I told them it was done, we just make these stapled zines now. It was a few years of that.

Photo by Elena Carrasco

Eventually we got more equipment like paper cutters and perfect binders and started making our own books. And then we got into outsourcing the covers to make them nicer and then eventually digital printing got affordable with better quality which led us up to today.

Photo by Arthur Pollock

It is weird to say we peaked 10 years ago and still be going. As time goes on you can see the cycles and I think we are in a good part of the cycle right now. For example every couple years the film vs digital argument gets fired back up. Anyways, this year is feeling like less projects which is good because it feels like more issues of Hamburger Eyes. We got 2 issues coming out in June and are already getting a jump on July and August. Get ready for a big summer.

Photo by Alex Martinez

Photo by Dana Lauren Goldstein

Photo by David Potes

Photo by Cary Conover

Photo by Dina Litovsky

Photo by David Uzzardi

Photo by Ethan Scott

Photo by Gavin Stevens

Photo by Joe Brook

Photo by David Potes

Photo by John Oliver Hodges

Photo by Wayne Levin

Photo by Zack Canepari

Photo by Matt Kuebrich

Photo by Jai Tanju

Photo by Megan Cullen

Photo by Michael Jang

Photo by Mark Murrmann

Photo by Arthur Pollock

Photo by Ray Potes

Photo by Stefan Simikich

Photo by Stefan Simikich

Photo by Tobin Yelland

Photo by Uri Korn

May 12 2018


We have published a quite a few things with John Oliver Hodges. These are photos from a book called “Squares” we published in 2013. I got to meet him in person in New York a couple times and he is such an awesome interesting guy. That is him as a young man on the left. He is an amazing writer and has multiple books out there. He was in punks bands and has records out. When I met with him he was planning to move to Korea and become a comedian! I haven’t emailed or talked to him in a long time. When we worked on this book, there was actually enough photos to do 2 more books. I’m going to see if we can use those in a future issue of Hamburger Eyes. I will keep you posted.

May 10 2018


Lele is so busy with http://8ballcommunity.club/ that I think people forget he is an awesome photographer. He has had made tons of books and zines and photo projects and had photos in a bunch of Hamburger Eyes stuff. Here are some photos of an event that happens in Italy somewhere. We made a zine of it called “Presto”.

Apr 27 2018


Photo by Casey Jones

We may not be the most “professional” or the most elegant or well designed, but we get to put out great photos. Thank you to everyone that submits photos, you are all so awesome. And thank you to everyone that buys an issue to keep the next one flowing. Here is a peek at the new issue number 33 coming later this week.

Photo by Reuben Radding

Photo by Steve Panariti

Photo by Johnny Salas

Photo by David Root

Photo by Louis Fabries

Photo by Nina Mourtizen

Photo by Samuel Liebert

Photo by Chris Leskovsek

Apr 12 2018


Photo by Michael Barolet

Meeting and trying to date girls was pretty rough pretty much the entire time I lived in San Francisco. So naturally I wanted to make a zine about it. I wanted to make a zine about all the joy and folly of being single. Some friends and I would come up with game show ideas and one of them was titled “Romance Warrior”. That seemed like a good title to steal for this zine. It ended up being a series of 3 issues.

These photos here are highlights from the second issue which was published in 2012. While it was supposed to be about “dating”, it started going the way of “nudes” and became increasingly difficult to find the narrative when editing the submissions. Which, by the way, all of a sudden got kind of out of control and the original concept got lost. Also not enough female perspective in the submissions to keep this series going. At one point I thought maybe I will just make it with my photos since it was my idea, but by that time the title already had a life of it’s own.

Anyways, it is fun to revisit these photos because I couldn’t post most of them on any social media. Let me know if you think we should bring this zine back. Now that Hamburger Eyes is all grown up, I feel like we can start playing with other projects again.

Photo by Lisa Weiss

Photo by Andrea Sonnenberg

Photo by Jesse Pollock

Photo by Ed Templeton

Photo by Alex Martinez

Photo by Michael Barolet

Photo by Ray Potes

Photo by Lisa Weiss

Photo by Dennis McGrath

Photo by Ruth Swanson

Photo by Ray Potes