Nov 01 2018


Photo by Sandy Kim

Photo by Alex Bartsch

Photo by Alex Martinez

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Oct 26 2018


Photo by Xiouping

Photo by Brian David Stevens

Photo by Stevie Dacanay

Photo by Tobin Yelland


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Oct 18 2018


Photo by David Root

So I am having fun writing stuff about stuff and it seems proper to add more categories to the site. If you ever noticed, there are category links at the bottom of every post. I think I will start to add related post links to each article as well.

Anyways, I don’t like to have lots of navigation in the menu bar at the top of the site so I made the archives page also the navigation page. Have a look. This is a work in progress.

Is it trippy digging through the archives.

Oct 02 2018


Photo by Jefferson Lankford

I don’t mind posting photos here every day. A friend of mine was like, “Why not just use insta and link it to the online store and that’s it?” I said, “What if something else comes out and all the instas are deleted just like myspace, tumblr, flickr, etc.?” This site has out lived all the other social medias so far, so why not keep it going. We started this site in 2003. We switched from Movable Type to WordPress in 2006 and didn’t know any better, so we can only go back to 2006. I like that this content right here is our property and not property of Zuckerberg you know what I’m sayin.

Photo by Arthur Pollock

Photo by Bouwe Brouwer

Photo by Terry Zumalt