Apr 18 2018


by Ray Potes

A photographic journey documenting nature, migration, and transmutation.

Dec 2014 – Dec 2017.

800 Pages
6.69″ x 9.61″
Black and White
Matter Cover / Text
Perfect Bind
Published by Hamburger Eyes


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Apr 17 2018


My book came in today! 800 pages. These will be available for sale online this Thursday. Make some room for it in your house.

Apr 13 2018



Simple adjustable detachable camera straps. We searched the planet for chill straps and couldn’t find anything so we decided to make them.


We added spring loaded latched hooks. Now you can easily attach and detach the strap to and from the camera body. If you’re like me sometimes you don’t want a strap and you just want to put your camera in a small bag. Or, you might have other camera bodies and sometimes you want a specific strap on it for a particular assignment or mission. Now this makes it way easier to do that.


3/8″ wide nylon strap with sliders and split rings. ADDED spring loaded latched hooks for easy attachment and detachment.

Approx 22″ long (from neck to camera) with 6″ adjustable extensions on each side. Adjust the length to your liking and cut off excess. Seal the ends with fire.

Recommended for light weight cameras.

Available in black.

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Mar 29 2018


8 Ball and Ooga Booga putting together an awesome fair. Table spots still open, see u there?

Mar 21 2018


NEW book by Blake ! Published by Muddguts, they are launching his book and it is the grand opening of their new space in Brooklyn this Friday. Be sure to go if you are in the area. I wanna go.


From the publisher:

“Bail Window” by Blake opens THIS FRIDAY, march 23 at muddguts!

Blake is an incredible young talent who, with “Bail Window”, will be sharing his photos with the world for the very first time. the show will also serve as a release party for Blake’s NEW BOOK “bail window” published by muddguts and designed by camilla venturini (edition of 200)

in addition, muddguts will be releasing a new t shirt to accompany the show (edition of 50)

all of the silver gelatin photographs in the show have been developed and printed by hand, by Blake in a darkroom he built in his closet. we hope you will come see them.

kind regards,

“Blake’s work speak of an openness to the vagaries of the human condition, the acquired intimacy of the best type of confidence man, and a devotion to wet film photography worthy of the best of the late 20th century invasion of privacy photographers. You can read joy, arrogance, desperation and obliviousness in his subjects. Black and White nerds can get lost in the silver prints this guy has made this show. It seems he’s always on the go and always getting into something, often something questionable. This is a generous and vulnerable gift these people have given Blake and Blake has given that to us all.”
~Thatcher Keats

“The ancient creators of photography smile upon young darkroom fanatics, especially clutch shot-makers like Blake. He is keeping the dream alive.”
~Ray Potes

“The photographs that Blake has created capture moments of city living at its best and its worst. Photographing the quiet moments, the forgotten souls, humanity’s capacity for self destruction, and all points in between. He is a natural behind the lens. The way of his pictures and the way of his way are the same: strong and good and genuine.”
~Dave Schubert

Mar 08 2018


I get a lot of mail. Thank you to everyone that has ever sent us a copy of their book or zine. I can’t send you all copies of our zines, but I can start highlighting some of the best ones that come in. Also, know that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, so keep doing what you are doing. We still ship copies of Hamburger Eyes to other publications, photographers, bookstores, museums, and libraries in hopes to share what we are doing, sometimes there is a good response or bad response, but most of the time there is no response.

Anyways, I wanna do my part better so I’ll start sharing these things. Chris Leskovsek sent us his latest zine “Valpo”. Chris is based in New Zealand and is doing awesome things. This zine is all black and white with a trippy cut out wrap around cover. And it is up for an award at the New Zealand Photobook Festival. Chris is also featured in and has the cover photo of our latest issue.

From his website :

“Overlooking the pacific, the long and steep stairs, make the hills from Valpo seem endless. However, its the poetry found on the everyday that attracts me to roam through the labyrinth that Valparaiso is. A city which doesn’t pretend to be more than what it is. Yet, within it’s chaotic nature, it seems to be in calm with itself, which I later realised, that is what I came to see to this old and beloved crazy port.”

All photographs shot in Valparaiso during my various visits from 2013, 2016 and 2017.

Book info:
• A5 (148 x 210mm / 5.8 x 8.3in)
• 48 pages + 3 panel die cut covers
• 29 photographs
• Full B&W, Color
• Limited Edition of 100 – Numbered & signed

More info : http://www.chrisleskovsek.com/

Mar 07 2018


I spent most of my childhood in Cardiff, most of my teens in Encinitas, and most of my 20’s in Leucadia. Skate all day and beach all night. Every now and then a donut.

I been getting emails about bring back the IG account but I’m over it. It is partly because it’s too mainstream etc, but mostly I just want to go back to keeping it simple. I like my photos in print. I like making books and zines. That’s it really. And blogging.

People who miss our social media photos can see them on this site plus 10 times more, or buy our zines. It’s so easy. I also got emails from people saying how they want to delete their accounts too but they can’t. I am not trying to tell anyone how to live their life. Being chill is a choice.

Mar 06 2018


Pleased to announce the new and improved Hamburger Eyes. The size has been increased, almost twice as many pages have been added, and matte cover, matte pages, all matte everything. The print quality has exotic vibes which compliment the photos bringing it closer to the original vision of Hamburger Eyes. 9 photographers. New Zealand, Italy, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

The Continuing Story of Life on Earth

Chris Leskovsek
Grant Lewandowski
Jud Muir
Heather Williamson
Claudio Majorana
Robert A. Di Ieso
Joshua Zucker
Troy Holden
Joe Plonsker

120 Pages
6.69″ x 9.61″
Black and White
Matter Cover / Text
Perfect Bind
Published by Hamburger Eyes


or Shop Here : http://shophamburgereyes.com

Shop Here : http://shophamburgereyes.com

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Feb 27 2018


Ok. The problem started last month, January of 2018, they made it so that anything that is not a “document” has to be marked as a “package” for international mail. 1 copy of Hamburger Eyes or 1 tshirt or 1 camera strap sent to another country is a minimum of $22.33. That pretty much doubles the regular shipping price or more depending on what you ordered. They must have gotten a lot of complaints because I just got an email saying that my mail service will now absorb some of those costs. Now 1 copy of Hamburger Eyes will cost $13.22 to ship to your country. Much better. Not sure how to adjust for straps and tshirts, but how about I will absorb those costs.

Also, I would like to put out the idea that if you live in another country and don’t want to pay shipping at all, maybe your local bookstore will. They get 50% wholesale discount. Let them know about us and have them order some copies. Thanks in advance.

Feb 27 2018


Thanks to everyone who came to the memorial for Ted Pushinsky. It was a beautiful day for him and he would have been very happy. We have some copies of his latest book, Foreign Stories. An awesome collection of his travel photos, both full color and black and white. Get yourself a copy. Only 100 printed.

Photos by Ted Pushinsky

Published in conjunction with his recent exhibit “Local Stories” in San Francisco.

6″ x 9″
80 Pages
Full Color and B/W
Perfect Bind

Edition of 100

Purchase it here : http://shophamburgereyes.com