Oct 19 2018


Double sided trident here representing land, air, and water x 2. We have tried many symbols over the last 18 years and none of them stuck. This new one came so easily and I think it is a sign of the times. Join us as we enter the new chapter, cruise with on this journey.

Usually we would wait till we got proper photos of people wearing stuff but this one cannot be contained. 3 new products, all embroidered. Photos coming soon. Here’s a discount code that will last a few days 15% off enter code ” TRIDENT ” before checking out.


Oct 10 2018


Photo by Luis Mendoza

Photos + Forums = Phorumss, get it? Royce figured out how to post images via image url and then I added a toolbar that makes it easier. Basically, you can post photos in the forums again. You can’t upload photos to the forums, but you can link to and display photos that are already on the internet.

To re-cap the situation. We had it so you can upload photos to the forums, but I had to disable that feature for fear of a photo dumping grounds. The costs, the technical aptitude, the security, etc were slowly becoming stressful. So we deleted that feature and all the photos. But there is a work around and it is the old school internet way of doing things. That is upload your photos to your own site or whatever and then use that link to display it in our forums. Sounds hectic, but I like this better and it makes me feel like it’s 2003 again.

Have at it – http://hamburgereyes.com/forums

Oct 04 2018


Photo by Vaclav Tvaruzka

We got a nice surge of traffic to the site yesterday. People seemed to like the article so def going to write more. An interesting thing happened though. While there was no comments on the actual article, we got maybe 10 dms on insta, 2 texts, and 2 emails! If you are reading these things and feeling them, leave a comment here on the site so we know who’s who and what’s what. Thanks!

Photo by Ryan Florig

If you made it this far, know that we are about to release some new issues and that we have to make room for them. So here is a discount code for 20% off it will expire in 3 days. Before checking out enter code : TRAFFIC1018


Jul 30 2018


Pleased to announce our latest issue dedicated to Arthur Pollock. Great photographer, great guy, and great father to our great friend Jesse. 120 pages of his photos here, just a small fraction of his expansive archives. Check it out.

HAMBURGER EYES No. 36 – Arthur Pollock

The Continuing Story of Life on Earth

In Loving Memory of Arthur Pollock

All photos by Arthur Pollock

120 Pages
6.69″ x 9.61″
Black and White
Matte Cover / Text
Perfect Bind
Published by Hamburger Eyes


Shop more here : http://shophamburgereyes.com

Check out Jesse Pollock’s website for other publications : http://unpianobooks.com

Jul 17 2018


Rest in Peace Arthur Pollock. Our friend recently passed away. Great photographer, great guy, and great father to our great friend, Jesse Pollock. Jesse and I are working on a special issue of Hamburger Eyes showcasing his father’s work. Coming soon. These photos here are a sneak peak.

Jesse has published his father’s photos many times, visit his site here – https://unpianobooks.com/

Jul 14 2018


I signed back up for social media. Turns out I probably need it as a “business”. But just a few days in I realize why I deleted it in the first place. It’s incomplete. Or, maybe it’s too complete. You get too much of some stuff and not enough of other stuff. There’s a weird separation/isolation vibe that is hard to describe. Maybe the solution is to take it back to the early days of the internet. Maybe the solution is a forum.


I have to make it “invite only” because of hackerbots and spambots and dummies. So if you want to join, prove that you are a real human by emailing us and asking for the registration link.