February 14, 2001
San Diego, CA

Hamburger Eyes began as a small xeroxed zine, turned into a magazine, and has now evolved into a publisher. With a headquarters fully equipped for producing zines, magazines, and books, they are able to produce seemingly hundreds of titles a year. Their facility also houses a professional darkroom for printing editions of silver gelatin black and white prints and full color chromegenic prints.


When opening Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine you enter a pictorial history of both the unseen and iconic moments of everyday life. It is organized in such a way that it has become many things to many people. As a photo journal, we share our travels and experiences. As a photo diary, we share our accomplishments and heartaches. And as a photo album, we share our families and friends and reach people on a level they have been familiar with since their first birthday party. We have contributions from photographers of all levels. Inspired by the traditions that began with National Geographic and Life Magazine, we hope to revitalize the sensation of photography as a craft as well as a tool to record and document.


Hamburger Eyes, over the years, has been collecting printing and binding equipment. They could now produce their own books, zines, and magazines without the dependance on advertising dollars or the pressures of offset print shop minimums. They are able to put out more photos more often.

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LA CA 90029

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