Nov 08 2017


We have been getting a lot of requests to bring back the Darkroom Prophecies podcast, I didn’t even realize how many of you listened to it. Moving around a bunch, traveling, etc. slowed it down for sure, but the conversations were still there just not being recorded. Anyways, we fired it back up and started over. Episode 01. Have a listen. And if you have any predictions, prophecies, ideas about what the future holds, you are welcome to be on the show. Email me. Thanks.

Jan 05 2019


Photo by Ray Potes

You may have noticed the forums were deleted. There was just not enough action in there. That’s ok. But there was some really good content and info and resources while it was going. Here are some of the photo related podcasts that were listed by multiple members. There was more but with the dismantling of the forums, these are what remained. If you have some that we should check out, put a link in the comments! Enjoy.

Dec 13 2018

Blimps – Tobin Yelland

PODCAST REBOOTED. I finally figured out what I want to do with YouTube, something that’s easy and informative. Here’s a hang out with photographer Tobin Yelland. We talk about being a photographer on movie sets and other things.

Also I have exported the audio versions to serve as a “podcast”. 

So download / subscribe here –

PS. Let me know if you want to be a guest!

PS2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, I need 100 subscribers to have my own URL. Thanks in advance.

Oct 12 2017


I was fixing up some stuff on this site when I came across our almost forgotten ARCHIVES page. It hit me that I have been working on this website since 2003. Between 2003 – 2006 I had to build pages in html. And then in 2006 we installed this system, WordPress, and I remember posting at least every day. We had a podcast, we made vids. We blogged. I’m guessing social media started taking over around 2010. It started innocently. I remember not being that into it for Hamburger Eyes. But then the seduction.

There was a time when the podcast got turned into a talk show about the future. And we experimented with other “content” that didn’t really catch. I remember going hard for a year or 2 making like 4 zines a month and not wanting to put anything online. And then we lost the studio. And then all of a sudden Instagram literally took over, I changed this site to basically just a feed from our Insta account. I guess I’m saying I miss working on this site. And I wanna go back to it. No more Insta feed. I can do better. Analytics will say people are only looking at social media anyways, but my intuition is saying the content should start here and then pass it out and around later. That’s how it started and how it still should be. It’s addicting lurking on comments and likes on an app. It’s too easy to say no one is looking at the site. It’s lazy. So get ready for more… blogging. And featuring more photography and photographers.

Probs a lot of broken links but sill fun to dig around here:

I’m working on optimizing the site, especially for phones. I added tags so you can sort posts. And made sharing our stuff easier. More to come.

Aug 04 2016



We kind of knew it was coming sooner or later, the podcast has to be re-worked.

We experimented with all kinds of formats and hi-jacked the Hamburger Eyes listeners for too long. Originally it was just music mixes from the photographers, friends, and family and it will go back to being that.

Anyways, somehow we still have stuff to talk about. Lots of stuff. Jamie has started a new youtube channel – THE JME FILES – go check that out and subscribe to it.

And then I started a new blog for my photos and will probs have a new youtube channel too – RAY’S REPORTS – follow me there.

Follow our audios, follow our videos. And stay following Hamburger Eyes. Always more stuff coming soon.

May 19 2016



In this message we talk about optimization. From computers to vitamins to your personal vibration, everything could use a good straightening, cleansing, healing, however you want to say it. We should be optimizing on a daily basis. If you are listening to these messages, you are The Resistance and you will change the world. We are counting on it.

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