May 01 2023


Photo by Nick Slobin

Some photos from past issues of our magazine. We’re lucky to work with such amazing photographers. Worldwide.

Sorry for lack of updates lately. Something happens to me where I get burnt on social media. But I figured out how to fix it. One, if I do it from my computer instead of phone it is way chiller. Two, this should already be a thing but sometimes wires get crossed, this website should be first. Meaning, update the site first, then IG. I get too ahead of myself and get lost and confused. Anyways, just thinking out loud here. More to come.

Photo by Kanoa Zimmerman

Photo by Blake Kunin

Photo by Kristan Klimczak

Photo by Zane Grant

2 thoughts on “BINOCS

  1. Hey Ray, working on your own site is always first because that’s yours and you own the content. Working on someone else’s site (social media for example) is not the best thing to do -heck, you usually don’t own anything you put there. You got the order down now – work your own site, then use social media to point to your site.

  2. Yep, 90% of the time IG is just a promo for the website, but sometimes I jump the gun. The deeper problem is the website is promo for the zines and books. And we haven’t put out anything in a while, so I get fidgety. We have stuff on deck for sure, just been busy moving, family stuff, etc etc. Soon hopefully stuff will be rolling again. One idea I had to get more stuff out is to lower the page count, we’ll see. I am just thinking out loud again.

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