Mar 31 2019


Photo by Adi Segal

We’ve talked about it before but I wanna get back into it. What’s your favorite daily driver setup?

Of course we have different setups for different occasions. But I did some flying around the country this past month and it made think about alot of things.

I try to pride myself as a simple one lense one camera guy, but times are changing I guess.

I have a whole dslr setup for assignments, commissions, and client based work but that usually sits in a bag in the closet most days.

When I’m leaving the house on a daily basis, for the past few years, it’s usually my phone and a point and shoot that I don’t really like and am about to return, or my heavy dslr with a giant lense.

Recently, I have fallen in love with an M43 setup. Specifically, the Panasonic Lumix GX85.

I don’t want a zoom and I don’t want a bunch of extra lenses, so I think the next time I get in a plane, its gonna be the GX85 with the 20mm (40mm equivalent) plus Ricoh GR II or III.

I finally got to play with a Ricoh, its great. The III with no flash doesn’t bother me if I have the GX85 close by.

What are you guys feeling these days?

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  1. First time commenter, long time lurker.

    Been loving my little nikon coolpix A, has a fixed 28mm, small and sharp. That’s the everywhere and anywhere camera.

    If I know i’m going to be shooting a lot then a Lumix gx7 with a 20mm will be around my neck, super nice little shooter.

    For jobs and big stuff a Hasselblad H3d.

    Really wanna try the Ricoh’s though as the Nikon’s autofocus is a little slow.

  2. Wow. Exact setup! 28mm in the pocket and the 40mm around the neck. I think this would be the jam.

  3. my 9-5 setup is a Lumix GX9 + 20mm (40mm). My ricoh GR II is gathering dust at the moment.

    for everything (weekends/travels) else I carry a A7iii + zeiss 55mm + Ricoh GR II.

    that’s it.

  4. I’ve been rocking the x100s w/ the wide angle adapter (28mm) lately. Sold my 50mm for the adapter…just couldn’t get used to it!

  5. Not bad actually, I was worried it would be super heavy but I’ve gotten used to it. I’d say it’s heavier than the xpro 1 but not as heavy as the xpro1 with a flash on it haha.

  6. Ha nice. My friend just got the x100f, he loves it, hes crazy about it. I like the viewfinder but I haven’t tried it.

  7. I never leave the house without a Stylus Epic in my pocket. I rarely leave the house without my M6 with a 35mm on it either… but no matter what, I always have an Olympus on me.

    I shoot a lot on the road with the TX-1… which I LOVE LOVE LOVE… but the lenses are a bit slow for all-around everyday/night carry… and the sensor hates low light… which is where I like to live.

  8. Very nice, when I shot film it was the Yashica T4 everyday for me. And then a choice of Nikon bodies, usually N8008 or F100.

  9. I had been shooting with a Sony a7iii with either a 50 or 35 around the NYC streets, but last week I picked up a Ricoh GRIII and I’m obsessed. I get the hype, super sharp, pretty fast af and great colors (and no neck ache!) I got used to the the wide 28 lens pretty quick too.

    I’m still keeping the Sony but the Ricoh has become the main go-to.

  10. Most of the time it’s the Leica MP240 w/ a 28/2 on it. I loved the Ricoh GRII, but I lost mine last Fall and I just haven’t been able to get it together to get another. I really miss it for all the situations where the Leica is too much and too serious.

    If I know I am going to have to shoot in the rain, or for clients in crazy low natural light I use a Fuji XPro2 but it’s so laggy that I always end up missing a lot of fine moments w/ it. That’s the main reason I stick to the Leica. I can just be more precise with it. I like it for portraits though w/ the 35mm. For everything else it’s the 18mm, which is basically a 28 in that system.

    I’ve probably owned one of almost every brand and format except Nikon or Sony. Objectively they all had their merits. I shot on Lumix for years. When I go back to those files I don’t see a damn thing wrong with them. A lot of my most successful pictures were made with a Fuji X100s that I still have but rarely touch. I have to try to always restrict myself if I’m not on a job. If I carry a second lens or camera I always wonder if I should be using it, and then I can’t relax. My obsessive side can only be managed by keeping things simple. I keep thinking I want to go back to a 35mm lens, but every time I try I get freaked out at not being able to get far away enough to fit the shit in the frame that I want. I can almost always find a way to get closer if I need to.

  11. Yup, I can totally see that. If I have another lense on me I know I will be switching it out every 5 mins lol. But I think the way to go would be longer lense on the camera and then the wide on the point and shoot.

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