Mar 31 2019


Photo by Adi Segal

We’ve talked about it before but I wanna get back into it. What’s your favorite daily driver setup?

Of course we have different setups for different occasions. But I did some flying around the country this past month and it made think about alot of things.

I try to pride myself as a simple one lense one camera guy, but times are changing I guess.

I have a whole dslr setup for assignments, commissions, and client based work but that usually sits in a bag in the closet most days.

When I’m leaving the house on a daily basis, for the past few years, it’s usually my phone and a point and shoot that I don’t really like and am about to return, or my heavy dslr with a giant lense.

Recently, I have fallen in love with an M43 setup. Specifically, the Panasonic Lumix GX85.

I don’t want a zoom and I don’t want a bunch of extra lenses, so I think the next time I get in a plane, its gonna be the GX85 with the 20mm (40mm equivalent) plus Ricoh GR II or III.

I finally got to play with a Ricoh, its great. The III with no flash doesn’t bother me if I have the GX85 close by.

What are you guys feeling these days?

Mar 19 2019


We made some swim trunks! Get ready for da beach, get ready to get wet.

We also brought this font back on black.

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