Nov 19 2018


Photo by Caleb Stein

Thinking about being today. I think for a while we are “trying” photography then “doing” photography, but sooner or later you start “being” photography.

Your camera and body and computer with internet become a single unit set to record all thoughts and actions. Mostly because you don’t know what else to do.

It’s ok. Everyone must have a task. That task is to be yourself at all times.

2 thoughts on “BEINGS

  1. I was contemplating this just yesterday in a way. Why do I photograph every day? Because I want to. I just love it. I of course hope that I make some good pictures and that someone might notice. Mostly they don’t. I come to terms with that. I just like making pictures. This is how I see and interpret the world. Nothing more is needed.

  2. Same for me. “Good vs. Bad” photos is no longer a real thing, nor is commercialism / careerism. I just like to shoot. Thinking about it more, it is kind of interesting how much you have to go through just to find yourself back at the beginning, which is having fun shooting.

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