Oct 17 2017


The other day I was tripping off the ARCHIVES page of this site. Today I’m tripping off the CATALOG page. If you add it up we are exactly 200 titles deep. The ones we have counted anyways. It makes me think just how far can we go. And how many pages is that?


Our zines range from 32 pages to 200 pages. Let’s just say average is 75 pages. I just wanna play with some numbers.

75 pages x 200 titles = 15,000 pages

Print run (circulation) should be a factor too. The range is between 50 copies to 2000 copies on some of our back issues. Let’s just say 100 copies on everything for today’s math.

75 pages x 200 titles x 100 copies each = 1,500,000 pages


What will it look like to hit 1 BILLION ??

Right now we are trying to go 64 pages at 500 copies once a month.

64 pages x 500 copies x 12 months = 384,000 pages per year

1 BILLION pages / 384,000 pages per year = 2,604 years !!

If we increase page count and circulation, can we get there in 50 years?

1 BILLION pages / 50 years = 20,000,000 pages per year

Let’s say we get our page count up to 200 pages per issue.

20,000,000 pages / 200 pages = 100,000 copies per year

100,000 copies / 12 months = 8333 copies per month

This does not seem impossible to me. Most real magazines make like minimum 10,000 copies per month. Lasting 50 years also doesn’t seem impossible because we all shoot photos every day. Selling that many copies also not impossible because the world wide distribution game is changing for the better as we speak with all the different technologies happening. And speaking of technology, I am pretty sure we will live to at least 250 years old if not more.

Going through the site archives renewed my commitment to Hamburger Eyes, and seeing these numbers renews Hamburger Eyes commitment to photography.

From this day forth, 8.16.2017, I, Ray Potes, Publisher of Hamburger Eyes, promise to produce 1 BILLLION pages of photography before I die. This is my public contract. This is my mission. This is my purpose as an ambassador of photography for my planet.

Probs gonna need your guys help on this one.

PS. I’m going to add up the real numbers to see exactly where we are at page count wise. I’ll put a counter at the bottom of the catalog page so we will know every time we publish something how much closer we are to 1 BILLION pages.

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