Apr 19 2015



More blogging about blogging. I keep changing the site design because I want to keep it as simple and legible as possible. There’s a lot of content here so it is easy to want to have it run up and down both sides of the site with images and links and ads for our own online store. But for me, it’s just too cluttered looking. I look at other sites and it feels like I am under attack. I’m gonna keep it skeletal, works for Craigslist right. And yes, keeping it like this means I gotta update all the time. So I will!

*The giant dog in this photo is named “Mouse”.

Apr 19 2015



I been thinking. Probs thinking too much. How much of my own life do I wanna put on the site? I don’t mind being on blast, if you know me, you’ll know my life is pretty much an open book. But is that just a scrambling attempt at making content for the site? Or do you guys enjoy this stuff? According to the numbers, it doesn’t seem to matter what’s on the site as long as it’s updated regularly. For instance, would you rather see more features on featured photographers? Or would your rather see the daily operations of Hamburger Eyes? Which may or may not include adventure / misery? Leave a comment? Anyone?

Apr 16 2015



Reading! Settling into a new city is a trip! If you didn’t know, we relocated to Los Angeles. I spent a lot of the past month cruising and exploring and finding new shit. But all of sudden I feel like reading. I have hardly ever read before, but now I’m smashing through articles and books and making lists on Amazon and shit. There’s not enough time, I have to read faster.

The truth is, Hamburger Eyes as a business isn’t where we think it could and should be. I realize we have been “what if-ing” the possibilities the whole time with little or no action. So you’re like okay let’s take action and try to make moves. What moves though? I don’t know. And then 10 years goes by. You could point to this or that facts, but it boils down to just being dumb. I was smart enough to get this far but to go any further I have to have more knowledge. So I been studying. And I’m shocked that it’s been fun. I wanna invite you all to the nerd party. I will post some books I’m on and if you have any recommendations, put them in the comments.

More soon