Apr 19 2015



I been thinking. Probs thinking too much. How much of my own life do I wanna put on the site? I don’t mind being on blast, if you know me, you’ll know my life is pretty much an open book. But is that just a scrambling attempt at making content for the site? Or do you guys enjoy this stuff? According to the numbers, it doesn’t seem to matter what’s on the site as long as it’s updated regularly. For instance, would you rather see more features on featured photographers? Or would your rather see the daily operations of Hamburger Eyes? Which may or may not include adventure / misery? Leave a comment? Anyone?

7 thoughts on “2 MUCH

  1. I’ve had the same dilemma with my Instagram and with the new website. Eventually I realised I like to see both sides of people. Storytelling makes thinks look a lot more truthful. As things are going nowadays on the web I have to much often the feeling that I’m relating to robots or people I can’t trust that much.

    Reading that you are struggling and doing everything to find out what’s the best for Hamburger Eyes is for sure better than reading things like “We exactly know what we are doing, this is what we offer, goodbye!”
    So keep going, we like it!

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