Apr 29 2015


Made a new section for all our home videos. I can’t seem to find all of them in the archives, so
I gotta re-post some of them. It’s kinda cool re-visiting these.

Check the new section..


The video above is from when we did a show at Hope Gallery in Echo Park promoting our book on Powerhouse.

This video is another show we did, this time in New York at Powerhouse.

This is an After Effects experiment.

This was a “call for entries” commercial for a Hamburger Eyes DVD that never came out. Jimmie shot and edited the footage for a class assignment. I added the subtitles and used it for this. 2003.

A hungry young man discovers a creative problem solver deep within. 2003.


Apr 20 2015



Not too many of these white hats left. We maybe have 3 I think. Get on it..


Apr 20 2015



Los Angeles. There’s a new spot called BABYLON opening up today I think. Last week they had a soft opening. Chief Keef played a show, it was sick. There’s a bowl in the back to skate, there’s a zine rack in the front to buy and read. And there’s art on the walls. A group show is up right now featuring Tino Razo, Ray Potes, Adam Rossiter, Derek Perlman, Devin Strother, Nate Walton, Sandy Kim, Jerry Hsu, Alex/2tone, and Ari Marcopoulos. Go check it out..