Oct 30 2012


hi gang, just a quick update. thanks to everyone shopping for prints! this is exciting. teddy p print almost sold out! get it while you can. more prints coming today and later this week. this project is actually waaay bigger than we was originally thinking. it takes time to pull it off real proper like and prints are rolling out slower than expected. but i can assure you, guarantee you even, that there is lots more epicness to come. again, there will be 33 prints total and soon the boxsets will be announced. you should be overcome with anxiety about the ultimate power of this print program. your brain is all mushy, you feel a new frequency in the distance, you understand it is the truth. it is all you know, its approaching and the vibration is unbearable.. anticipate omnipotence!


Oct 19 2012


uuummmmmmmmmmm, had to leave town for a couple days and came back to EYELAND EDITIONS going bonkers. thank you to everyone who ordered stefan’s print. only 2 left!! orders will go out today!! i didnt think these would sell that quickly. but kind of did because if you know anything about anything, the prices for these prints is really a ridiculous deal. in fact, i dont know that if we do this again if it will be priced this way. so get in while the gettings good.. heres a photo of ted signing his labels this morning, his edition will go up today. thanks again.

PS. peep the trash can lid i made in the background!

Oct 13 2012



OCT 13, 2012


With the huge success of their annual photographic print auction last year, Hamburger Eyes has decided to evolve it this season by launching an entirely new print program. The highly anticipated “EYELAND EDITIONS” will offer Hamburger Eyes signature style of epic photography as affordable, signed, and numbered limited edition prints. This program will see photographs from zines, megazines, magazines, and books spanning their archives of 11 years as a publishing company, as well as images from recent and future publications.

This format allows them to also publish color photos, which marks an exciting new era for the Hamburger Eyes team. In fact, these editions will be printed on Fuji Professional Crystal Archive Super Type silver halide papers and processed in Fuji Professional RA-4 Chemistry.

EYELAND EDITIONS will be released as collections. The first collection will be a set of 33 different photographs, each will be 11×14 in size. They will be released separately for sale, in editions of 33, for $33 US dollars a piece. Prints will be released over the course of the next few weeks, so stay tuned in.

Part of the editions will be reserved for box sets. The entire collection will be offered in EYELAND EDITIONS custom clam shell portfolio boxes at a discounted rate for pre-orders, soon to be announced.