Dec 06 2010


so we got to meet peter who built the awesome photobooth that we are using at the levi’s photo workshop. he is one rad dude and has rad idea to build a mobile photobooth out of a van and tour the country and photograph it that way, and if it goes down, we get to produce a publication of the adventure. (and maybe even tag along!) sick!

lets make it happen! kickstarter!

Dec 01 2010


years ago, im gonna say at least 5 years ago, we did one of the biggest hamburger eyes shows ever in san diego at cassius king gallery, richard kenvin was part of that crew and now he’s here in sf doing an exhibition at the G$P! its also the G$P 1st anniversary! gonna be a good one. go to it, dec 10..

more info:

Nov 23 2010


new podcast! i was thinking about how fun 2pac night was last year and bummed we cant do it any more, so heres an all 2pac mix i whipped up for the 4 day weekend. bump this to and from your dinner parties and try to stay alive boss players..

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Nov 19 2010


we gotta new zine machine! just busted out 6 new zines. im thinking you need some legit reading material to impress your colleagues, feel good and crispy about yourself, and add to your already beefy library. who’s the boss? you are thats who. check them out, stay tuned for more..