Mar 02 2010


“The Tiny Locas, “You and I” dances, and the Low-rider cars represented rites of passage and the social scene for teenage girls in the early 1980’s in the 24th Street Mission neighborhood. The exhibition features photographs by Sandy Cuadra – a former Tiny Loca who has lived in the Mission for over 30 years- memories of dancing, cars, parties in the park, and tight friendships. In addition, footage from the Mission Film Archive (thanks to filmmaker Vero Majano) further activates the world of Low-riders and the “You and I” dances. Vintage posters to promote those dances, made by Mitchell Salazar, also hang in the gallery, and complete this nostalgic look into a particular period in the Mission that speaks to the former teenager in all of us.”


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Mar 01 2010


old commercial made for the PHOTO EPICENTER! this was shot as an excercise for school by the homie JIMMIE ARMENTROUT. we turned it into a commercial. the PHOTO EPICENTER is a lot different now then what is portrayed here a couple years back. but the nectar is still there, that is the ultimate darkroom facility or what i like to call the ultimate masterpiece factory. we still have room for more members..


Mar 01 2010

SF ’97

“I tried to nollie over a dead pigeon, I suck at nollies.” – DENNIS MCGRATH

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Feb 21 2010


our beloved place of work is in need of more members! sign-ups for march 2010 happening RIGHT NOW! more info, click here: PHOTO EPICENTER . multiple month discounts, near 24th BART, work side by side with photographers of all levels in all spectrums of the game, support photography and the tradition and legacy of the darkroom, awesome hours, awesome privacy, ultimate equipment, ultimate masterpiece factory, contact us asap: people[@] . unlimited access $150/month. dont waste your life away! get busy and sign-up to be the most productive you have ever been! its a win win!

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