Aug 25 2010


all kinds of new zine publishers popping up all over the world. its really crazy. i love it. its a sign of the times. whats it all mean? check it out..

Aug 24 2010


just found these flip thrus people made..

and, you know how youtube mutes your audio if its a copywritten song or whatever, well they also will suggest a song to use and it kinda worked out funny. the original had 2 songs, one by derek and the dominos from goodfellas soundtrack and the other make it rain by fat joe and lil wayne. check the youtube remix..

Aug 17 2010


new podcast!! one of the best things about making our magazine is meeting photographers from all over the planet. london based ALEXANDER BARTSCH travels, takes awesome photos, and then picks up vinyl records at the same time. here is a jamaican mix and make sure to check the rest on HIS BLOG..

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Aug 16 2010


i got this off the GNARGOYLES website made by the homie al boogie aka uncle drizzy aka alex augoustopoulos, awesome stuff on there.. and speaking of the gnargoyles, the 24 block loc kappy now has his own celly section on the LOWCARD website, so be sure to check KAPPY’S CORNER, might as well check HIS FLICKR while your at it. lets hope he still gives us stuff for CELLY BRAIN..