Jul 27 2010


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE AUCTION!! thanks to all the photogs and artists for donating, thanks to the fans for bidding. it was an insane experience and we are forever grateful to be able to continue doing what we do. thanks to FOTOVISION for collaborating with us. thanks to mother earth for providing an abundant harvest and making it rain our deserted eyeland. bill collectors you will get your lettuce, landlords you will get breaded out, and whatever cheddar is left will go to the next issue of hamburger eyes..

also, there was a handful of stuff that didnt sell. maybe some of you were interested but didnt have an ebay account or were on a flight or was taking a nap. like this one above by ARI MARCOPOULOS who was just in the whitney biennale. its a 16×20 screenprint with silver and black ink. also, some of the photos that sold we actually may have more prints of. like we may have the whole edition here at headquarters. contact me direct! and make me an offer i cant refuse: ray[at]hamburgereyes.com

Jul 24 2010


“In Search of Telos” by Ray Potes

“Hanging Noose, Wyoming Frontier Prison” by Mark Murrmann

“Keloids” byJim Goldberg

LAST DAY FOR AUCTION! the whole thing ends tommorrow! get your last bids in! lots of stuff not even bidded on yet! don’t forget, we are having a closing reception over at fotovosion, come thru, we will have computers setup so you can make your last bid there!

LAST CALL: http://stores.ebay.com/HAMBURGER-EYELAND

5515 Doyle St.
Emeryville, CA 94608

Closing reception July 25th 2010, Sunday, 5:30pm – 9pm

Jul 21 2010


“Clown from New Orleans” by Jason Roberts Dobrin

“Rollerbladers” by David Uzzardi

lots and lots of action happening on our online auction! the whole thing ends on sunday, so get your bids in if you havent yet! thanks to everyone who bid on stuff so far, and future bidders thanks in advance..

BOOKMARK IT: http://stores.ebay.com/HAMBURGER-EYELAND

also know this: while there are starting bids on most auction items, which are approx 50% – 75% lower than suggested regular retail price, all auction items have NO RESERVE. so whatever the final bid is, thats what you get it at. well plus shipping of course. its just something to take note of because you will probs never see some of these artists or photographers work priced like this ever again. fyi..

Jul 15 2010


the HAMBURGER EYES SHOES by ETNIES PLUS are in the building!! they were kind enough to donate pairs for our fundraiser month, we got the first shipment and theyre sending a second shipment in a couple weeks. so dont be discouraged if we dont have your size right now because we probs will soon. we are selling these right now in our online store..

we made a collage of all dog photos from the magazine. i told them to just wrap the collage around the entire shoe, the box, the insole, everything. so actually every shoe is different since pieces were just cut from a giant cloth. it came out tight. i wanted the laces too, but i guess thats hard to do..

the shoes comes with an ETNIES PLUS lookbook that we shot and designed. pretty sick. get yours today! remember, they were awesome to donate 100% of the funds! AND im pretty sure we are the only ones selling them domestic, meaning only japan and somewhere in europe has them, and us..

BUY BUY : http://hamburgereyeland.com

Jul 15 2010


“Palm Sunday, Poland, 1978”, by Antonin Kratochvil

The Beatles, “A Mad Day Out”, 1968, by Stephen Goldblatt

“A Night At The Met”, By Larry Fink. This auction comes with a book.

auction starts today! in order for the auction to end awesomely in perfect timing with the closing party, where each auctions ends 1 at a time like a countdown, we had to start it that way. so, TONITE at 5pm, the auctions will start appearing in the ebay store 1 every 3 minutes. its gonna be tight..

**the above photos are some of the crazy donations that FOTOVISION got. obviously all the money they raise will go to help them keep their operations going, and all the money we raise on our auctions will go to hamburger eyes. this is a good opportunity for you to own some really really really epic works while supporting some real cool cats and doggs..

TONITE, 5PM! – http://stores.ebay.com/HAMBURGER-EYELAND

Jul 15 2010


we brought it back! but this time, not sure if you can tell in the picture, its dark dark blue ink on a crispy white tee. cool off this summer, stay icy.. oh and since its fundraiser month we dropped the price, $15 plus shipping out the door..

SIBERIA in the year 1896. Explorers discover a frozen camera deep in an ice cave. Perplexed, they hide their finding from the public and keep it frozen. Recently, scientists have uncovered maps, journals documenting the exploration, and detailed drawings of the camera they found. These scientists un-freeze the camera and realize it is actually a NIKON FM2. This camera wasn’t invented until 1982. The story has been under wraps until now, and this tshirt pays homage to this discovery..

purchase it here: http://hamburgereyeland.com

Jul 15 2010


somehow SLEEPY D got in this craze line up!

A FUNCTION OF FORMS features b&w photographs curated by Ken Miller for Gallery Target in Tokyo.

A limited quantity of A FUNCTION OF FORMS shirts will be available from July onward in select Uniqlo shops worldwide, as well as online at http://www.uniqlo.com/ and at the UT flagship store in Harajuku, Tokyo.

“A black and white image reduces photography to its simplest elements – shapes and shades. In the same way, a t-shirt is clothing in its simplest form. Thus, the pairing of these photos and these shirts seemed like a very nice function of forms.” – KM and GT

About the photographers:

Lee Friedlander is one of America’s greatest living photographers and was the recipient of a 2005 retrospective at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Daido Moriyama is one of Japan’s most influential photographers and his work has been exhibited at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the SFMoMA.

John Divola’s starkly beautiful images of urban and desert landscapes have exhibited at numerous museums around the world. He is a professor of photography at the University of California, Riverside.

Marianne Mueller has exhibited photography and video at numerous museums and is a professor of photography at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Linus Bill is a Swiss photographer who has exhibited this year at the FOAM museum in Amsterdam and was feted at the Hyeres Festival of Fashion and Photography.

Paul Schiek is the publisher of the These Birds Walk photography imprint and is represented by Stephen Wirtz Gallery in San Francisco.

David Potes is co-founder of the Hamburger Eyes photozine.

Zoe Ghertner’s still life photography has appeared in The Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man.

Gallery Target is the Jingumae, Tokyo gallery of Tomoko Okamoto and Keiichi Mizuno.

Ken Miller is an editor and curator who has published SHOOT (Rizzoli) and Revisionaries (Abrams).

Jul 15 2010


Jul 11 2010


ITS GO TIME, this week thursday our 10 day auction begins. its going to be the sickest thing youve ever seen. if you participate you will come up on priceless masterpieces and you will help us continue to produce the purest purest nectar, spread these links around..

the auction goes live JULY 15 – JULY 25 here:

all the specifics here:

more info here and here:

*the above photo by STEFAN SIMIKICH. back in the 90’s we would process and print our negs in basements, under stairs, in bathrooms and where ever else we could find to make a sketchy darkroom. stuff would get thrashed. stefan recently re-printed one of those old negs for our last exhibition. this is huge, 30 inches x 40 inches. its edition of 1. bidding starts at $.01, NO RESERVE!

Jul 11 2010




July 15th 2010 – July 25th 2010

This year Hamburger Eyes has teamed up with Fotovision to bring you epic masterpieces at amazing prices. With the success of last year’s auction, we decided to make this particular collection available worldwide.

The auction will take place on EBAY for 10 days, and people all over the planet will be able to participate and bid on photographs and paintings from Hamburger Eyes and Fotovision contributors, supporters, friends, and family.

Hamburger Eyes donations include:
David Uzzardi, Sean Jerd, Ted Pushinsky, Alexander Martinez, Oscar Mendoza, Ray Potes, David Potes, Dennis Mcgrath, Thomas Campbell, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Michael Jang, John Harding, Stefan Simikich, Josh Lazcano, Audrey Erickson, Andrew Schoultz, Hilary Pecis, Uri Korn, Catherine Ryan, Tracy Timmins, John Oliver Hodges, Jim Goldberg, Bill Burke, Emilio Banuelos, Elena Carrasco, Forrest Kelley, Mark Murrmann, Albert Reyes, Rich Jacobs, Lonnie Dean, Aiyana Udesen, Matt Furie, Ryan Furtado, Brian David Stevens, Joe Brook, Ari Marcopoulos, Peter Sutherland, Barry Mcgee, Cali Dewitt, Jai Tanju, Tobin Yelland, Dave Schubert, and more!!

Fotovision donations include:
Larry Fink, Dorothea Lange, Nick Waplington, Bill Owens, Herb Ritts, Michelle Vignes, Colin Finlay, Marcus Bleasdale , Tim Hetherington , Ami Vitale, James Whitlow Delano, Camille Seaman, Kim Stringfellow , Ian Martin, Doug Menuez, Matt Herron, George Ballis, Richard Gordon, Darcy Padilla, Michael Rauner, Chris McCaw, Ernest Lowe, Jack Picone, Antonin Kratochvil, and more!!

Fotovision donations also include signed, collectible books by:
Susan Meiselas, Sebastião Salgado, Alec Soth, Alex Webb, Ken Light, Amy Arbus, Chris Killip, Danny Lyon, and more!!

All proceeds will benefit photography by helping Hamburger Eyes continue to produce world class books and magazines, as well as operate their darkroom rental facilty, the Photo Epicenter. And the nonprofit, Fotovision, can continue to advance documentary photography and storytelling through education, dialogue, and community.

For the locals, the entire collection will be available for viewing. They will be exhibited at the Fotovision space during the length of the auction. There will be computers setup and you will be able to bid right there on the spot! And, on the last day we will have a closing reception at the space and people can make last minute bids and we can all celebrate the fundraiser.

5515 Doyle St.
Emeryville, CA 94608

Auction runs July 15th – July 25th 2010
Viewing hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
4pm – 7pm, or call for appointment.

Closing reception July 25th 2010, 5:30pm – 9pm

Please help us spread the word by re-posting, sending to people who might be interested, twitter, etc. Thanks in advance.

the link to the auction!!

more info links!!

** The above image is an 8×10 fiber based print by Bill Burke. It has drawing on the front, and it is signed and stamped on the back. If you win this photo, it comes with a small book of his!