Jan 29 2010


new HAMBURGER EYES tshirt!! one of my favorite photographers BRIAN DAVID STEVENS was kind enough to let us use his photo for this apocalyptic tshirt desgin. Are things going to get better? Only you can make change. This tshirt isnt about complaining, it hopes to invoke and empower a revolution deep inside your loins.. PURCHASE IT!! we have lots more come from brian, i cant wait to show you. check out brian’s blog, DRIFTING CAMERA..

Jan 29 2010


new HAMBURGER EYES tshirt!! SIBERIA in the year 1896. Explorers discover a frozen camera deep in an ice cave. Perplexed, they hide their finding from the public and keep it frozen. Recently, scientists have uncovered maps, journals documenting the exploration, and detailed drawings of the camera they found. These scientists un-freeze the camera and realize it is actually a NIKON FM2. This camera wasn’t invented until 1982. The story has been under wraps until now, and this tshirt pays homage to this discovery.. BUY IT!!

Jan 28 2010


new podcast!! the WORMHOLES liberation army, terra 3 commission agent, space leutenant commander, pinche brother BIBIRU coming thru with back to back mixes. this one, like all of our podcasts, is very romantic and filled with all kinds of emotions from the past, present, and future. you will begin to understand and see that all these different emotions happening at once is called love. and understanding that the past, present, and future is happening at once is understanding the 4th dimension. therefore, love = hyperspace. love will set you free.. BLAST OFF! LATER EARTH!

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Jan 28 2010


2nd Annual “Rock Show” photographic exhibit January 24-March 13
Rite Spot Café
2099 Folsom St. @ 17th

Opening reception on Saturday January 30
5:00 pm-8:00 pm

invitation: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=259836139042&ref=ts

Featuring live rock show photography from Tiger Lily (KALX/JetLag RockNRoll), CAnderson (Victim of Time/Horizontal Action), Julie Zielinski, Charlie Homo, Deb Zeller, Julie Schuchard (Tricycle Records), Amy Thompson, Geoffrey Ellis (Sad Kids).

Featuring photos of Jay Reatard, The Mummies, Human Eye, The Drums (Dwyer and EZ), Wayne Kramer, M.I.A., Kiss, Jarvis Cocker, Mastodon, Nobunny and many many more.

Jan 22 2010


new podcast! this one by WORMHOLES sect terra 3, hyperspace battalion, psychonaut division, brother BIBIRU. you are the light, god-mind. and what is, shall be. may this podcast be the soundtrack to the activation of your star seed, may the transformation happen today today today today today today today, tommorrow.. \\|//

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Jan 22 2010


Opening Reception: Saturday, February 6th, 2010, from 7-11pm.
Through: February 27th, 2010 and open to the public.

White Walls is proud to present Never a Dull Moment, a group show curated by iO Wright. Never a Dull Moment will transform the gallery into a cohesive environment that embraces all mediums of creativity from sixteen artists. Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, February 6th, 2010, from 7-11pm.

Never a Dull Moment features Anthony Lister, Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, Jaybo Monk, Angela Boatwright, Augustine Kofie, Dave Potes, Jonathan Darby, Ray Potes, Remi Rough, iO Wright, Erik Otto, Cheryl Dunn, Armsrock, Dave Schubert, Sam Ash and Clayton Brothers. iO Wright has chosen these artists for their “get your hands dirty” and “don’t worry just do” mentality. Without considering outside forces, they are urged to continuously create and express themselves. With shared roots in graffiti art, this group has a flare for action, immediacy, and unpredictability. Never a Dull Moment exposes viewers to the creative mind’s raw inner workings and draws distinct parallels between everyday immediate expression and fine art.