Dec 24 2009


photos by DAVID POTES, did you know dave has blog? this one dude is really feeling it. dave made photographing food real popular in our magazine. dave has a new zine thats super good and its gonna be in the store in the next day or 2 so check back. dave called today and said avatar is “like nothing youve ever seen” so im gonna see it tonite maybe.. happy holidays! dont drink and drive, its drunk driving month and they wrapping fools up on every block, i seen it today.. have fun be safe!

6 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLLA DAYS

  1. i saw it last nite, not on imax but in 3d still and its way good, go see it for the graphics alone, its worth it..

  2. i went back to avatar last night, this time i spent more time by the sacred tree

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