Oct 19 2009


“..Hello I am a DP based in New York City. I got my start making skateboard films. Here is my most recent Reel. Beautiful Losers feature Doc. Heloise and the Savoir Faire Shot on RED Camera. Apples and Stereo video Directed by Elijah Woods. High on Fire music video. Intros for MTV High School Stories and MTV Made. I shot the Nick Tunes spots with a still camera. I like how that looks. Etnies Verte spots shot on 16mm. Coventry fashion look book shot with two cameras in HD. Sony commercials for Sony Power PC computers. Stereo Video with Jason Lee’s last video part. Also Nike 6.0 Commercials I directed..”

check out his site, TOBIN YELLAND. and check out more, click here..

Oct 15 2009


this photo in our newest issue got cropped alot due to our layout formula, apologies to JIM GOLDBERG who shot it. this photo is part of a new series he’s been working on and there is a show and book release opening tommorrow in london!

“Begun as a commission for the Greek Olympiad in the summer of 2004, Jim Goldberg’s work documents the experiences of refugee, immigrant and trafficked populations who travel from war torn, socially and economically devastated countries, to make new lives in Europe.

Originating from locations as varied as Iraq, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Ukraine, The Balkans, Congo, Liberia, Mauritania and India, these ‘new Europeans’ have left often violent, oppressive, poverty stricken or AIDS ravaged communities, in search of stability and the promise of a better future.

Since 2003, Goldberg has been photographing and collecting stories through a range of formats: Polaroid’s, video, written text, ephemera, and large and medium format photographs. The exhibition installation will reflect Goldberg’s dynamic approach to the documentary genre through multi-faceted displays of imagery and text. These will include Polaroids, which have been marked, destroyed and written on by the subjects they portray. The words and images combine to tell the intimate and often violent stories of past and present experiences. Faces and features are sometimes scratched out, coloured in, or marked in some way.

Larger scale colour photographs depict landscapes from the subjects’ countries of origin, which Goldberg visits after meeting them in their newly adopted countries and having heard their stories. These works reflect Goldberg’s interest in the motivations behind migration and the conditions for desiring escape.

Open See continues Goldberg’s innovative use of image and text, a signature technique in his work. He began to explore experimental storytelling with the series Rich and Poor (1977 – 1985), which highlighted inequalities within the American class system. In Raised by Wolves (1985 – 1995), he closely documented a group of homeless teenagers in Los Angeles and San Francisco over ten years.

Jim Goldberg: Open See is a Magnum Photos Touring Exhibition, co-produced by the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation. It is run in conjunction with an exhibition of Goldberg’s ‘Rich and Poor’ work at the Magnum Print Room, London.”

more info click here

Oct 14 2009


its been awhile since last 2pac nite, was out of town, traded nights, etc etc. anyways, its back on and it is so on. if you were there last time then you know what the f im talking about, come thru..

Oct 13 2009


This is the work of Vivian Maier, a French born photographer who passed away this year. A majority of her unpublished and unseen work was purchased by photographer John Maloof and is being scanned and posted for all to see. Wonderful work from a quiet person. Via LPV and HCSP (Go there for the full story).

Oct 08 2009


HAMBURGER EYELAND now selling prints! people been hitting me up about the photo on the cover of the new issue. i made an edition and instead of calling around, ill just put the rest in the online store. for yall. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT! often times the people who buy our photos in galleries arent the same people who are awesome fans of the magazine. and vice versa. its time to address the situation so we’ll be putting prints up in there on a regular basis. minus the gallery markups. im realizing maybe we are going to piss off some dealers, but guess what so what, so is the economy. all these photos were printed by hand right here in our darkroom by me..

also, with his huge huge fight against puerto rican slugger MIGUEL COTTO next month, people been hitting me up about MANNY “THE PACMAN” PACQUIAO photos. so i made a set. you can get THEM SEPERATE, or BUY THEM ALL and get a discount. its a win win..

also, we’ve updated the tshirts, books, and zines sections with new stuffs! HAMBURGER EYELAND..

Oct 07 2009


this is the homies from san diego, SUGARRUSH RAILROAD INC. this was a short lived band that i never got see to play, but they made some epic recordings. tj duckets included one of their songs in his last podcast. josh is now a cook on a trophy winning yacht, rob installs security systems in expensive homes all over the country, i havent met jay. i didnt think their band existed anymore, but they just added me on myspace so lets hope they are! check out the music..