Sep 30 2009


ok so im trying to figure out this new podcast steez, here a quick one i whipped up to test the new system. i usually go to hawaii at the end of the year and im getting excited about it, heres a little taste of the chilliest of chill modes..


Podcast: Subscribe (

you can listen to it right there, you can download it right there, and now you can subscribe to the feed by copy pasting that address into your itunes. i have registered it in the itunes store, so you can hit it from there too, it will also enable one-click subscribing. but i guess it takes a couple days..

**dont worry, once we get it all situated, we will post all, well maybe not all, the old ones..

2 thoughts on “TROPICAL MIDNIGHT

  1. Sick. Keep these coming. I’ve been rockin sounds of sunshine for weeks

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