Aug 13 2009


hi guys, finally made a preview of the new issue. check this slideshow, if you click on it it will take you to the full screen version i think. sick. also put the preview up in the store, HAMBURGER EYELAND. and i just gave the store a facelift, hopefully its not so obnoxious this time. i know alot of you have been waiting for your mags to come in the mail. 99% of the donation orders have gone out, and about 90% of the online store orders have gone out. if you are still waiting, we should be all caught up this week. so sorry about the wait, shipping costs have gone up crazy and organizational skills have been put to the next level test, and we have been unprepared, overwhelmed, and mystified about it.. if you own a business, you might know that a few wrong turns can set you a couple months behind. thats no excuse, hamburger eyes customers deserve extra-ordinary service and from this day forth i promise to deliver the THUNDER and melt your brain with SATISFACTION! UUNNGGGH! WHUUUUT!

Aug 12 2009


we went to the russian river for mike stevens bday, it was sick. me and monkey got nice with the disposable straps, check the second angle off the rocks. check my airborn pigeon steez. finally started the official HAMBURGER EYES flickr account, ignore all the perpertrators. its pretty rad to post on there, look out for previews of the new issue, features, randoms adventures, old stuff, etc..