Jun 05 2009


you may have noticed, we have out first CELLYBRAIN feature. my space brother TONDAR is obsessed with these vans, they look straight out of total recall. check out his animation TONDAR STUDIOS..

Jun 03 2009


the mr. pickle sandwich shop sign conspiracy scandal has been solved, thank god because i cant stand the idea of cops searching my shit, especially while im out of town. anyways, if you havent been following, here is the order of events along with pertinent links, follow the action: the mr. pickle mascot is stolen – read here. we got sent a celly phone photo of mr. pickle chilling in someone’s living room and posted it to the site – view here. people start to assume i have the sign, and the cops infiltrate the photo epicenter while im not there! – read here. the conspiracists make a flickr page with more photos of mr. pickle chillin, as if taunting “f the entire planet!” (page has been deleted) – read here. flickr employees give up names and phone numbers, mr. pickle is to be voluntarily returned – read here. mr. pickle returned to his mom! – read here. everyone is happy.. win win!

Jun 03 2009


PHOTO EPICENTER is now ran on a membership style of business. Much like a gym, members can come and work in the darkroom at any time between 10am-10pm everyday, monday thru sunday. Members will have keys, access to the entire facility, and use an online scheduler to make their own appts.

Membership space is very limited. We are only taking 7 members per month. Memberships are on a month-to-month basis. Members must demonstrate a certain level of responsibility, darkroom expertise, and professional attitude.

Reserve your space today!

Starting at $150/month.

Email us : people[at]photoepicenter.com