Jun 23 2009


SAN FRANCISCO – On July 2nd, Hamburger Eyes presents EXODUS at 111 Minna Gallery. This exhibition will showcase black and white photography from regular contributors of Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine. Photographs will range in size from large murals of 8 feet x 10 feet, to the traditional standard of 8 inches by 10 inches.

The shows title, “EXODUS” envokes not only the feelings of mass migration, but of transmogrification. Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine, subtitled “The continuing story of Life on Earth”, has dedicated their pages to the study of the human condition. And, in this exhibit they intend to display their visions of transcendence from past, present, and futurekind. It is a mission of containing time by setting it free, thus shall begin the EXODUS.

This event will also celebrate the release of Hamburger Eyes Issue 013. Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine is based in San Francisco. It is off-set printed in black and white on glossy stock, perfect bound with a cardstock cover, holding 150 pages at a run of 3000 copies. Hamburger Eyes is carried in shops, stores, libraries, galleries, and museums across the entire planet.


July 2 to August 1 2009

Opening Reception
July 2 2009
6pm – 2am
21 + Up

111 Minna Gallery

111 Minna St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Jun 23 2009


its in, turned in the mag! this is the most nerve racking part of the process, will it be done on time? will they fuck it up? print it too dark? too light? missing pages? and we got more pages, more problems.. but on the flip side things, im gonna put it out there, this issue is the number 1 contender for best issue yet. 148 pages, over 50 photographers, 5 features, (including pacman feature by me, but thats not why its a contender) its just the quality of images that people are submitting these days is raising the bar and everyone involved and everyone whose getting involved has no choice but to take their game next level or get cut, thats all..

and thanks to everyone who donated! this is a bigtime shoutout to the recent batch of warriors who have chosen to stay and fight valiantly and gloriously to victory, i heart you : brian, Andrew Kelly, jonah whipp, Xavier Burt, Shelby Goldstein, Kelly McNiece, Joleen, Erin Putnam, Jason Garber, eric knuteson, Andrew Meyer, Chump, Vanessa Lee, Ryan Lee, MIKE SLICE, Liz GOMIS, and photo epicenter staffer Sean Jerd..

Jun 18 2009


we did it! again! we reached our 2nd goal of $4000 if you havent noticed, well notice this: the new hamburger eyes will have 150 pages! whut! how rad?! also, it seems that all the shoutouts to donaters has proved to be not so good twitter etiquette, so im going to doo all the shoutouts right here.. big thanks to you people who donated, you are the greatest humans on earth and in the entire galaxy -Caroline Cho, Owen Stegemann, Bruce Bothwell, amanda lopez, Michael Worful, jeelago, ricky montalvo, Melanie Flood, Jenkz Ardaniel, josh cowell, nathalie Roland, jafon Thomas Hakkinen, Jim Dirschberger, maurice, Brad Evans, Manne Sterner, and rivo yubara!! ..this photo by dave potes..

Jun 12 2009


we did it! you did it! thanks to everyone who pledged on our KICKSTARTER PAGE!! we made our goal in 3 days! whuuut! i had doubts, crazy doubts, but never again will i question the strength of the nectar that is HAMBURGER EYES, you guys are great and i cant thank you enough. seeing as we have still a couple weeks of pledging, i want to put it out there that if we get anywhere near the $4000 mark, i will add 50 pages to the new issue!! we usually run 100 pages or less but this time, if possible, lets make a fatty. spread the word, but either way its just amazing that we will have the issue out at all, thanks again and again times 5 million!!.. this photo by BILL BURKE is gonna be in the new issue, mixed in an epic ocean of epic photos made possible thanks to you..

Jun 11 2009


HAMBURGER EYES ISSUE 013 is in the oven, and its “turtle-heading”. help this baby come out please. ad space sales at an all time low, we look to any other resources available. this website KICKSTARTER can keep track everything in a clean manner, and keep you updated as well. consider making a pledge, check out OUR PAGE, check the video to see a sneak peek of whats happening inside the new issue. put it on your twitter, myspace, and facebook. email it to the right people. you get awesome prizes for donating, and you can even look at it as pre-ordering the mag. its a win win. oh yeah, if we dont make our goal, we get nothing! so help us make our goal! thanks. this awesome photo of cops vs. wicked witch by gavin stevens..