May 04 2009


lots of events this week, lots son. heres one on thursday, mission news online MISSION LOCAL having a benefit at l’s caffe, awesome bagel sammys and excellent egg salad with bacon on top. jews be telling me the lox is good too. keep it 24 st. son..

May 04 2009


i gotta some photos printed on a shoe! they are a symbol and homage to the true story of an extra terrestrial that landed in north shore hawaii whose identity was kept secret until he had to save his girl from drowning at a waimea contest. when they found out he was an alien, they killed him. google it. sucks. anyways, KEEP COMPANY only made not so many of these and urban outfitters now has all of them, buy them here. your not cooler than the nanny and she wears keeps, so now you do..

May 04 2009


jai has consistently killed it on many many levels for a long time, but check this, his print exchange is reaching 1000, thats psycho! and now hes inviting you to join too:

“..hey ray howz it? shitz good here! im writing you because the film por vida print exchange programs blog is doing a count up to our 1000 photo posted on the site. we are at 995 & rising fast! id also like to invite you hambuger eyes viewers to join in on fun! check out the site they can send mail to: jai tanju 619 south 5th st san jose ca, 95112 or send something the Hamguys you know they want someting other than bills!..”


May 04 2009


while it always kicked butt, now under new management it is destined to kick more butt, EXPOSURE GALLERY downtown has a show opening this thursday and it looks like its going to put a foot up your butt bigtime..

May 04 2009


got a new nokia n82 celly phone cam with 5mp, zeiss glass, xenon flash on it. whut. heres a few snaps at victoria theater where nike hosted the pacman fight, i wouldve told you about it but it was private-ish. they used my photos on the posters and then framed and hung a bunch in the lobby, and they gave me pacman shoes! dont worry, im gonna post all my pacman photos somewhere soon..