May 11 2009


photos from the TRACE ELEMENTS show and the SLIDELUCK POTSHOW, pretty fun night, free beer at both events and tons and tons of free delicious food at the slideshow, you missed out! heres some photos from michael jang on his flickr..

May 06 2009


you may know him as the illuminated record collecting warlock, but you can now know him as video editor, this one by BOBBYLONDON from the COLDBLOOD not so secret society, whom now also has a new site called LAZERSUN..

May 06 2009


the PHOTO EPICENTER updates: new darkroom hours. we’re open to regular customers only thursday friday saturday now. it might be temporary, it might be permament. come and find out. its the recession session, son. but do inquire about monthly membership, which allows printing all week. people[at] . space for members is now very limited. and yes, the phone is back on. so call to make appointments. also theres new gallery hours. come see the new show SECRET OF THE 9TH PLANET which is being hailed all over the country as the new hot shit in sf.. and actually im realizing that this photo up here isnt even at the photo epicenter! i thought it was! this is from the install at SFAC which opens this friday, come thru!

May 05 2009


the san francisco SLIDELUCK POTSHOW also happens this friday, so much to do, should be pretty rad. they said they would keep submissions open till the end of today for burger peeps, so if youre reading this go for it, more info here..

May 04 2009


also this friday, TRACE ELEMENTS opening at the SAN FRANCISCO ARTS COMMISSION gallery. Dan the Automator, Michelle Blade, Jason Jagel, Ferris Plock, Clare Rojas, Deth P. Sun, Kelly Tunstall, Porous Walker, Marci Washington, Chris Duncan, Maya Hayuk, Kyle Ranson, and Brion Nuda Rosch and Hamburger Eyes Collective. for our section we hung photos by michael jang, emilio banuelos, heather rene russ, ted pushinsky, alexander martinez, ryan furtado, ray potes, and mark murrmann. come thru, it should be baller status..

May 04 2009


lots of events this week, lots son. heres one on thursday, mission news online MISSION LOCAL having a benefit at l’s caffe, awesome bagel sammys and excellent egg salad with bacon on top. jews be telling me the lox is good too. keep it 24 st. son..

May 04 2009


i gotta some photos printed on a shoe! they are a symbol and homage to the true story of an extra terrestrial that landed in north shore hawaii whose identity was kept secret until he had to save his girl from drowning at a waimea contest. when they found out he was an alien, they killed him. google it. sucks. anyways, KEEP COMPANY only made not so many of these and urban outfitters now has all of them, buy them here. your not cooler than the nanny and she wears keeps, so now you do..