May 30 2009


limited edition of 100 of this classic now available. 11×14 fiber prints, signed and numbered, $50, what! available on his site, check it out: TED PUSHINSKY ..

May 30 2009


new issue of cutter is out and they are having a bigtime show at sf camerawork gallery to celebrate, come thru!

Cutter Photozine Issue 2: Leaving a Mark

Opening Reception at
SF Camerawork Gallery
657 MIssion St


Featuring works by keith aguiar, lauren anderson ,rhiannon argo, erin ashford, bill basquin, karl beck, cole blevins, dianne brennan, scott aaron bulleit, norma cordova, cory cunningham, angela decenzo, ale formenti, charles gatewood, talia herman, ethan indorf, lary jones, kate kaluzny, kean, forest kelley, erica kenia, ace lehner, amos mac, alexandra mandel, rick marr, jillian mayer, archie mckay, marilyn mcneal, zach nesmith, linda nguyen, alison o’connell, caroline paquita, jesse pollock, trevor powers, david pujol, jesse rose roberts, mateo roberts, nica ross, heather renee russ, andrew w schmidt, sara seinberg, darcy sharpe, elisa shea ,kerri sohn, rachel styer, courtney trouble, matthew van saunt, sophia wang, nick wortham, michael yurgeles & erik zo

After Party TBA

May 30 2009


so everyone is wondering, what the hell happened to HAMBURGER EYES ISSUE 013? whens it coming out? its coming out in fucking july! and its go time! we have been in and out of town, busy with the lab, doing other shit to make cheddar, hard drives crashed, having a hard time selling ad space, etc. but time waits for no one, and theres no more excuses. its coming out in july and we on a mission. if you have photos, send them in, actually send it to the PHOTO EPICENTER since we here all day. if you know anyone interested in ad space, please tell them to get on it. sick, thanks.. this photo of burnt up car by our new friend in london, alexander bartsch, who will have photos in the new issue..

May 20 2009


brothers anthony and jackie musick, leucadia legends, went on epic bike tour of mexico. beautiful adventures, and they each have a blog about it, check the photos: anthony musick, and jackie musick..

May 18 2009


with the success of the first show, they decided to do a 2nd one! this is closing a month long show and the second one is sure to have even more awesome photos to look at.. michael jang + pirate cat radio, this wednesday, be there..