Apr 11 2009


if you didnt already know, recently i have been editing all the submissions for the fecal face photo of the day.. “..First, thank you very much for running my photos in picture of the day for three days in a row. The attention helped me a lot and because of it I might have sponsorship to go work on another project in Mexico City..” – William Dunleavy, apparently your site will get a million hits and you get free money, whut, heres another..

this one by brian henderson, lots of good stuff in there, go for it: potd[at]fecalface.com, some tips: we need more b/w, have all your photos at 700 px wide, and have them looking tight and crispy ready to go..

7 thoughts on “FFPOTD

  1. oh also my room mate is from san Francisco and has one of the first Hamburger Eyes books. She showed it to me today and I was so blown away. one day when i have money i am buying all your photos ever

  2. brian henderson was my room mate in santa rosa. he is good at painting and doing wheelie tricks on skateboards. like nose wheelie shuv it to regular wheelie to slide around to switch nose wheelie and land clean. roll away.

  3. Hey Ray, thanks for the ups on FF and on your site as well. Adam C thanks man. And just so you all know Adam is an amazing artist and skateboarder as well not to mention his music is the cats pajamas. Thanks adam. :)

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