Feb 06 2009


new potcast mon! big it up, big it up, jam it up yo butt, and keep it so cool mon. this one by stefan. spliff it off a cliff mon, cuz we run tings and tings no run we..


for those having probs downloading/subscribing or whatever, to be honest i dont even know how it works. if you are not a subscriber, usually you just click the link, it opens in itunes. it will be under your podcast directory and all the hamburger eyes podcasts will be there and you can download which ever ones you want. if you already are a subscriber, you dont have to click anything. just open your itunes, find us in your podcast area, download our latest one..

8 thoughts on “JAHK JAMZ

  1. tosubscribe: click the link, copy the address, in itunes under the advance pop up menu click subscribe to podcast, past address in. or right click the link, open in new tab/window, copy address, the paste in subscribe to podcast… hope it works

  2. hey vanessa mon dis aint no dj battle mon. u put da tunes on spark up and enjoy!! listen to da riddems, not da names of da riddem makers! jah!schools out for summer mon!!

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