Oct 16 2008


THE EPIC BAILOUT: PHOTO EPICENTER is now running all kinds of new epic prices on all kinds of new epic services. first off the darkrooms prices have been slashed, cut, ripped however you want to say it, click herre to peep it: DARKROOM PRICES. also, we are now offering a full services where you just drop of your negs and we print them up for you, how cheatingly easy is that, peep: CUSTOM PRINTS. and last but not least, we are now set up to offer you, the customer, full service hi-res scans. yes, we will scan your negs into a monster file size, color correct it, retouch, beautify it, and burn it on a disk. prices : HI-RES SCANS. soooooo worth it..

Oct 16 2008


one of our newest photo epicenter peoples, GENEVIEVE GARRUPPO got this one of angel island burning.. accident, arson, or apocalypse? you decide..

Oct 16 2008


one of my favorite sites got updated, MUDDGUTS, this photo by george..

Oct 11 2008


we are participating in INDIE MART this weekend, its on sunday and it looks like they got the whole block blocked off, we will have a ton of hamburger eyes crap on sale, lets hope it rains or theres an earthquake, just kidding, buy me a beer..