Sep 03 2008


people of los angeles, KEEP SHOES is moving from los feliz to fairfax and having the grand opening this sat sept 6th., if you go look out for hob knobbing with celebs, free beer, but most importantly 3 new hamburger eyes tshirts as a tip of the iceberg type glimpse of the future or edge of your seat shit your pants level of tshirt game.. of course you will be able to get the shirts eventually here on the site, but they will be debuting there and if i can borrow someone’s car then maybe i will be there too, we’ll see.. oh look they used sleepy d’s dolphin photo for the flyer, they have a huge dolphin zone at kahala hotel near diamond head on oahu where you can jump on their backs or just kick it and watch them do tricks and shit btw, and they have sonar and their skin is curiously similar to the aliens called guess what “the greys” fyi..