Jul 21 2008


check it out new site setup, messing around with different templates and whatnot, some new features here and there, much more to come or not, let me know if it sucks.. new hamburger eyes is on deck, photos in by aug 1, but more importantly ADVERTISING due by aug 15 for us to make the SEPT deadline, tell your peeps, we need ads in a bigtime way, or check it out we got a donate button now!.. this photo by dan murphy featured in our last issue..

Jul 20 2008

Fw:cooking scrimp v c style!


Jul 20 2008

Fw:fro toe baggins!


Jul 19 2008

You have new Picture Mail!

Jul 15 2008


straight from the mastermind tim artz comes this new dvd video zine, awesome cartoonary, get it and all kinds of new stuffffffffffff, stuffffffff yourself, stuuuuuuuffffff it up something, click it and stick it —-> THE WORMHOLES..