Jul 31 2008


The PHOTO EPICENTER is now offering monthly printing specials. For the month of August we are having 2 for 1 Tuesdays!!!! Buy 1 hour of Darkroom Printing and get the 2nd hour free! Special is good for both our private Color and BW darkrooms. (First come first served basis, so reservations must be made the same day starting at 10am. Advanced reservations are full price. And dont forget we are open till 10pm!)

Jul 30 2008


updated the PRESS section, please forward to any potential advertisers because guess what ITS GO TIME..

Jul 29 2008


“PHILADELPHIA, PA – Megawords – the free Philadelphia-based magazine that collaborates with dozens of renowned and unknown artists and thinkers to cover the world through words and pictures will leap off the page and into a month-long storefront exhibition during September 2008. The Megawords storefront project and exhibition will include a month-long period of intense activity including permanent and rotating installations, guest speakers, musical performances, workshops and film screenings..”

more info: http://www.megawordsmagazine.com

Jul 25 2008


Joe Brook just dropped off his submission and it’s full of killer shots like this one. Where is yours? You got about a week before we dive face first into issue 13. Get your head in the game! Also, Joe is always on the road shooting skate stuff for Slap so be sure to check out his adventures, like this one to Skatopia !

Jul 23 2008


teddy p and icki at ted’s opening, PHOTO EPICENTER site has been updated, and i just made this thing where we can see a random image everytime the page loads from the photo epicenter blog/flickr photostream in a neat little window on our site, also make sure to look into our new tutorial services. pretty awesome for awesome price..

Jul 23 2008


In it’s ongoing committment to support photography, Photo Epicenter is now offering full-service, one-on-one photographic printing tutorials. These sessions are designed for all skill levels, whether it be beginner or intermediate, we are ready to help you in any way possible. Photo Epicenter provides the ultimate darkroom printing experience. The black and white darkroom is a private room with professionally maintained equipment and materials and is readily available for all your printing needs. The color darkroom is one of the best in the country, the ultimate workspace and one of the only of it’s kind with natural light to assess print quality. The color darkroom is also professionally maintained and calibrated so you know you’re getting the most out of your photos. These tutorials come in packages of two sessions for either color or black and white.

The black and white tutorial will cover the basics in film processing, cleaning and sorting negatives, producing contact sheets, determining proper exposure, basic wet tray processing, and some light dodging and burning. Students will be required to bring their own RC Multigrade paper and negatives for use. Two sessions are two hours long each and will meet within a week of one another. Black and white package costs $200 and comes with an additional 4 hours of lab time at Photo Epicenter to be used whenever.

The black and white tutorial will be taught by Photo Epicenter Director and Hamburger Eyes Publisher, Ray Potes. Ray has been processing and printing b/w film for over 15 years. His experience working and custom printing with the pros has helped him develop a fast yet high quality darkroom style. It is his commitment to traditional photography technique mixed with modern technology that has helped make the Photo Epicenter what it is today.

The color tutorials will cover cleaning and sorting negatives, determining starting points in filter pack, proper exposure, correcting exposure for changes in filter pack, proper darkroom etiquette and some color burning and dodging techniques. Two sessions for this tutorial are two hours long and it is recommended that all students have some experience printing black and white photographs. Color package costs $200 comes in two sessions with an additional 4 hours of lab time to be used at Photo Epicenter anytime.

The color tutorials will be taught by Photo Epicenter Darkroom Manager, Oscar Mendoza. Oscar has been printing black and white and color images for 7 years and is currently the head of custom color printing at Photo Epicenter. He has been a part of the Photo Epicenter team since it’s infancy and, along with the rest of the Epicenter staff, he is committed to the ongoing prosperity of photography. Oscar currently lives and works in San Francisco.

Contact us today to schedule your tutoring session.

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