Mar 14 2008


come to the opening tonight, they have been installing the last couple days and yeah ill admit i didnt know what to expect but now i can tell you it is an overload of the senses times 5 million, topics include: psy ops, black ops, mk ultra, nuclear holocaust, mi5, psychic espionage, mj12, futurology, threat matrix, god, metallica, international torture, psychological warfare, thats just the beginning.. come thru tonight or anytime this month or at one of the events yet to be announced while the show is up, including a book release related to the show, conversations and seminars, its gonna be nuts.. this drawing here titled “sinus horror” is approx 60″x60″ by brennan hill..

Mar 10 2008




new york, it was awesome, thanks 5 million to everyone who came out and made it fun, i love how you all say “are you crazy?”, thats the fave plus the pizza and the women, but the 4am last call status is no bueno, tons of photos coming soon.. anyways its back to sf, back on the grind.. every month in the gallery we have vowed to bring the pain and this month of march is no different, this FRIDAY MARCH 14 is the opening of PSYMULATION, curated by chris fitzpatrick, remember when he did SWAN SONGS? remember that there really is only one portal to the other side and it is here at our beloved photo dojo, all ye who enter shall be freed from the shackles of mind and body.. and there will be a tuba performance..

Mar 05 2008


“..and eveything in new york aint always what it seems, you might get shot if you come from outta town, thats down by law, thats word..” i dont know whos take this is on this song but there are so many versions, but that might be enough to get me shot.. please dont shoot me new york, hamburger eyes book release and exhibition opening tommorrow night, march 6!! come thru.. but if you cant come and are still in sf, go see jay howell solo-ing at the minna, sneak peek..