3 thoughts on “COLDBLOOD : DON’T WORRY

  1. tracklist?
    don’t worry:
    1) sneakin’ up on you-Mari Nakamoto
    2) if not this time- Fifty Foot Hose
    3) Pesta ku- the pattie sisters
    4) Insan di dunia- the pattie sisterss
    5) androids- Robert Rockwell III
    6) prove it, teach- Fred Karlin
    7) overture- Because i am
    8) sock it my way- 101 strings
    9) return from the ashes- John Dankworth
    10) time of the season- The Moog machine
    11) Jane B- Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
    12) L’ Anamour- Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
    13) killer joe- Mauricio Smith
    14) el green hornet- Mauricio Smith
    15) i’ve been hurt- Bill Deal & the Rhondells

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