Feb 11 2007


this photo by rob collinson who will drop off real random photos like one of his cat along with new issues of lowcard, check the new site and check out rob’s interview and axe stall on 48 blocks..

Feb 09 2007


the rumors are true, colorarts and hamburger eyes have merged into one. behold the HAMBURGER EYES PHOTO EPICENTER. this place is pretty much san francisco’s new premiere spot for the production of photographic epicness, available and open to the public at affordable costs. much more info to come. check out colorarts site for floor plan and equipment. also know that we’ve added and are adding a digi lab, bookstore, gallery/studio, wet lab, and classes and workshops. all the info will be online shortly. come to our grand opening reception on feb 14th to see for yourself. click here to view the online flyer..

furtado is already getting his printy print on, see his photos along side with stefan, jason, dave, ted, patrick, ray, jesse, and tons others at the grand opening..

Feb 01 2007


holy crap crazy busy and i know you think im a pussy but really im busy as fuck but its a good productive fruitfull next level apocalyptic type busy, not that weird hamster wheel donkey vs. carrot shit type usual everyday busy, i hope anyways.. youll see, anyways, this photo by our buddy patrick griffin who now has a new blog on fecal face, pretty rad, double click it yo, mouse it yo, scroll your brains out..