Nov 16 2006


a super way long time ago my friends made a bowling team called “the domos”, (pronounced “dah moes”) domos is short for dominators so whenever i write “domo” on the site, that is slanguage for “ultimate domination”.. anyways, this friday night is domo cuz of photos up the wazooo, in the sunset area (3131 clement) we have dennis and tobin domoing with tommy g domoing the guitar, and in the east bay (bows and arrows) we have a whole mess of folks including uri and patrick domoing with don bobbylon domoing the turntables, pick your poison or hit up both, who’s got a car? does it domo? call me..

Nov 14 2006


dont forget to pick up your copy of ITS ALL GOOD new book by boogie, this photo of vladimir himself signing books at the release in nyc by ed leveckis.. and speaking of serbs, stefan simikich will be handling the “photo of the day” everyday this week on fecalface.. also the serbs, me, and teddy p have photos in powerhouse’s new magazine called guess what? powerhouse magazine, (boogie got the cover!) limited so get one while supplies last, hopefully i can get some books and mags for the PIE, we’ll see..

Nov 14 2006


the ODYSSEY show got a review in the latest issue of ARTWEEK, CLICK HERE
to read it (let me know if theres a problem with the file or if you cant read it or whatever)..

Oct 29 2006


cool costume idea #1: poke 2 holes in a sheet and wear it over your whole self, then roll around in turds, shazam, its the dookie ghost! happy halloween, if you are doing a werewolf, dont forget your hands, its annoying if only your head is wolfy.. this is tina playing with the deadly weapons along with s.t.r.e.e.t.s. and hightower on halloween 2 years ago, around the time when the music issue was supposed to be done.. have fun be safe and dont go too crazy, your old.. some site updates coming i swear..