Nov 26 2006


new podcast!! from bobby london (coldblood), its called happys coming download it, subscribe to it, get itunes, do whatever you have to do to rock it, its huge so it will take awhile to get it, be patient, you wont be sorry.. oh and new coldblood shirts coming to the site anyday now, keep in touch..


10 thoughts on “HAPPYS COMING

  1. Hey dudes… I want it but the only thing I’m getting is a track with two seconds of silence???

  2. that second song is too sick, who is that? can we get a set list?

  3. oh yes, can we get a list of the songs?
    all of the songs are amazing
    good job guys

  4. 1) ultimate spinach- hip death goddess
    2) the nickel bag- she walks in beauty
    3) glass prism- the raven
    4) iron butterfly- in the crowd
    5) crystal illusion- funny situation
    6) unknown japanese group- happys coming
    7) mashmakhan- as the years go by
    8) Tony crane- anonymous mr. brown (interlude)
    9) iron butterfly- afraid of losing you
    10) the shocking blue- the butterfly and i
    11) mamas and papas- gemini childe
    12) son of a father- the other song
    13) chris harwood- wooden ships
    14) brainticket- places of light

    thanks for the kind words…

  5. correction…
    5) dreams and illusions- its a funny situation

    not crystal illusion although that sounds better to me.

  6. yeah, just what I needed, after seeing britney’s sttreched out coochie. Thanks for the tofurkey.

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