Oct 29 2006


cool costume idea #1: poke 2 holes in a sheet and wear it over your whole self, then roll around in turds, shazam, its the dookie ghost! happy halloween, if you are doing a werewolf, dont forget your hands, its annoying if only your head is wolfy.. this is tina playing with the deadly weapons along with s.t.r.e.e.t.s. and hightower on halloween 2 years ago, around the time when the music issue was supposed to be done.. have fun be safe and dont go too crazy, your old.. some site updates coming i swear..

Oct 26 2006


All praise Sleep.
(And while you’re at it, buy an add for the new music issue!)

Oct 24 2006


This is a old photo. the band was called Spread Eagle. they are pretty much the best band ever! This photo was shot after a show on 4th st. Olympia. they are all robotized in this picture. They broke a bunch of stuff and wandered outside aimlessly. Which reminds me, Buy adds you ding dongs. the music issue is desperate. Show some love…..

Oct 23 2006


Skip James singing “Crow Jane”.

Oct 22 2006


Elizabeth Cotton learned to play guitar at a very young age. But it wasn’t until she was in her 60s that she was “discovered” by Mike Seeger. She was a maid for the famous family of folkies, the Seegers, and it was Papa Seeger that first heard her play, recorded her and shopped her songs to Folkways. And the rest is history. She died in 1987 at 92 years of age.

Oct 17 2006


I believe this to be the finest painting ever made.

Oct 13 2006

Can You Hear It?


Getting tired of us hyping Hamburger Ears? Well too bad. Just saw a rough edit of the photos that made the cut for our all music issue and I almost pooped my pants. This baby has been groomed with a fine tooth comb and will undoubtedly bridge time and space through a wormhole of magical musical photography. Will the world at large be able to handle it? Will this photo of Annihilation Time even make the cut? If you were smart, you’d place an advertisement with us and get in on the epicness. You sleep, you lose.

Also, if you’re the bookish type, you may have read Steven Blush’s American Hardcore which just became a movie that is playing in SF tonight. Oh yeah, remember this movie that Ted’s son Jake edited?, that premieres tonight too. But if you wanna get spacey and find out exactly how big the universe is, watch this

Oct 12 2006


This is Damien. He’s been known as the ultimate bachelor. I mean, look at his steeze. Anyways, he’s finally found the woman of his dreams and they’re getting married this weekend. Her name’s Kay and she’s a super lady. So on sunday afternoon, raise a glass to true love and to Damien and Kay and wish them a happy life together.