Dec 26 2006


pour some out for the godfather of soul, mr. dynamite, the hardest working man in show business, soul brother number 1, who passsed away the other night, james brown r.i.p.. life is too short, have a happy new years, get busy, give it up and turn it loose, this photo by andrew mcclintock..

Dec 18 2006


hear yee hear yee, kings and queens, may i bow before thee and bid thee a most epic holiday season.. im on the sandwich islands for 3 weeks, maybe some updates maybe not, but if you are in ontario im in a show with WEEGEE! that opens on new years eve..

Dec 08 2006


this photo of our buddy adam of the mall playing at adobe books by sleepy d who will be representing for burgerworld this weekend in miami for art basel and aqua art which is across the street where steven wolf fine arts will have the hamburger eyes setup, miami beach! what! too tight, they’re expecting like 80,000 visitors or something bonkers like that, so if your there tell someone how cool you are with your hamburger eyes subscription and then they will be obligated to either join us or destroy us, either way i will still eat eggs benedict on sundays..

Dec 01 2006


check it out, meet the new + improved PIE, this version is deluxe for both his and hers pleasure, we got new tshirts, new zines, new cds, new books, and much more to come, buy yourself a sweet gift for the holidays, you deserve it, youve worked your ass of this year.. this photo of brendan fowler by patrick griffin, brendan says the new ANP quarterly is going through some shipping issues which is why we havent seen the new one, maybe it will say something about it their new blog..