Sep 19 2018


Photo by Nick Sethi

This week marks the second time this year someone has used my bank account in another country. This time it’s in France. Some one galavanting in multiple Ubers, sponsored by me. The first time was in March. Jamaica. Not joking, someone was buying phone cards lots of them. Getting the money back is one thing, but you’ll never get that time back. Time spent filling out claims, calling multiple banks, and uber etc. C’est la vie.

Photo by Kappy

Photo by Alexis Gross

Sep 14 2018


So I have another site : RAY’S REPORTS . It’s a blog. I made these photo tshirts and they are getting the blog branding. The first one is a photo of a Filipino food called “balut” and it was on the cover of my recent book “Chrysalis”. The second one is a squirrel drinking water. He’s famished. And I had some momentum designing these so I added a hat.

Get a closer look here :

Sep 11 2018


Photo by Luis Mendoza

Forum Login = Flogin. Get it? We have been having spammy problems so I had to disable the register and login links on the front page of the forums until I fixed it. It is relatively easy for the page to break but it is all fixed now.

Photo by David Root

Photo by Elmo Tide

Sep 08 2018


Photo by Olivier Bekaert

I used to take Viagra but I was always dizzy because of the drug. It hindered quite strongly during sex. So in the end I decided to look for other options and bought Cialis on and it works for me without side effects.

Not sure if any of you noticed, but I always noticed that on mobile screens our site looked “fuzzy”. Images weren’t as sharp as they should be. I knew it was because this site, which runs on WordPress, was trying to optimize images for all screens and just pure failing and that there was nothing I could do about it. But upon further research I found out that this theme we are using is also optimizing images AND the uploader we are using is optimizing images. Everybody trying to optimize images when they don’t even need optimizing since I do that when prepping in Photoshop. Anyways, I unplugged a bunch of plugins and it seems like everything is as sharp as it is supposed to be on all screens starting today. Don’t look at the old stuff. Just look at today and going forward and we should all be super sharp. Ok thanks.

Photo by Ted Pushinsky

Photo by Chris Leskovsek

Photo by Alex Herzog

Photo by Nick Jones

Sep 06 2018


Photo by Bouwe Brouwer

I just read that 80% of your website traffic is brand new, like they never seen your site before. Maybe that is referring to websites with no new regular content and no audience because 80% seems very high? But I do agree that a good chunk of you who are reading this have never heard of us before. I know because questions show up in my emails. So today, I’ll answer the main question right now. All the photos on this blog and on our Instagram feed are photos from past issues of Hamburger Eyes, so if you would like to submit then you should submit to our magazine. It is very easy. Just email us a link.

Photo by Arthur Pollock