Nov 26 2023


Photo by Arthur Pollock

Hi! It has been a while. We wanted to do a turkey weekend sale but we actually don’t have much to sell right now. It has been hectic over here (family stuff, health stuff, moving, working) but things are settling down.

These photos here from past publications. Look out for more zines and books coming soon.


Photo by Gabe Campo

Photo by David Root

Photo by Lucy Wood

Photo by Reuben Radding

Photo by Auston Marek

Oct 07 2023


Photo by Olivier Bekaert

If you are brand new to Hamburger Eyes, these photos are excerpts from pages of our zines, magazines, and books. If you would like to be part of it because you have been shooting some great photos and are obsessed like us, we would like that very much. Send email.


Photo by Elmo Tide

Photo by Sam Quinn

Photo by Alex Herzog

Photo by Louis Fabries

Photo by Vaclav Tvaruzka

Photo by Luis Mendoza

Oct 07 2023


Photo by Ray Potes

I think it’s normal to over think about “quality” of “content”, I usually try to evade those words and marinate on “consistency” or “volume”. But nowadays, or at least today, I’m thinking about “speed”.

What’s the rush? What’s the impatience? Is it just a sign of the times, the idea of “hustle” culture? It sometimes feels that way and it can be sticky but it is all related to “obsession.”

The need for speed is the desire to outpace or just catch up to your obsession (photography). There are 2 sides of the coin here. Yes, sometimes it is about financial success vs financial crisis. But on the other side, it is about learning. Learning what works and what doesn’t work as soon as possible. Because intuitively we know that each completed lesson is a level up.

Sometimes I’ll tell somebody or myself to “chill” or “have patience.” I’m realizing now that may not be good advice. Time is running out. Let’s go further and be faster with our experiments, wonderings, and wanderings.

“I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.” – Thomas Edison

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier Bresson

Oct 02 2023


Photo by Joe Plonsker

Photo by Blake Kunin

Photo by Nick Slobin

Photo by Kanoa Zimmerman

Photo by Casey Jones

Sep 28 2023


Photo by Ray Potes

I was thinking I should be posting on here more but then I was like why? Well, the easy answer is to share more info and current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors behind and in front of the scenes at Hamburger Eyes. For those that have the interest.

The tougher answer is the idea of being an ambassador of photography. This answer can be beaten into oblivion. One, who cares? Two, is anyone really checking this blog? Three, who are you to inspire or motivate or educate or encourage anything about photography? This 3rd one is the point.

If I believe that we are here to make the world a better place, then isn’t just seeding one positive thought into just one other person getting the job done regardless of my education, status, etc.? It is. If one person shoots a photo because of something I said or shot or designed as a zine, magazine, or book, then isn’t that what an ambassador does? It is. I am just thinking out loud.

I write this because we all have our doubts and concerns about ourselves. (Me, lately.) I have gotten got some great feedback from that video interview that has been recently posted. (That was filmed like 5 years ago, by the way.) I know people like Hamburger Eyes, but I didn’t fully understand that something that started as a casual zine amongst friends can have such long lasting effects.

I don’t say all this to talk about myself, I say this as a reminder to myself to pay better attention and even do more. Or, accept my role as an ambassador. Daily.

I also say this to show you, who might be in a slump or fog that just one photo, one idea, one thought, one word can help at least one other person not just in photo but in life. And thus, change the world.

Today, dear reader, you too are an ambassador. Congrats.