Jul 17 2018


Rest in Peace Arthur Pollock. Our friend recently passed away. Great photographer, great guy, and great father to our great friend, Jesse Pollock. Jesse and I are working on a special issue of Hamburger Eyes showcasing his father’s work. Coming soon. These photos here are a sneak peak.

Jesse has published his father’s photos many times, visit his site here – https://unpianobooks.com/

Jul 14 2018


I signed back up for social media. Turns out I probably need it as a “business”. But just a few days in I realize why I deleted it in the first place. It’s incomplete. Or, maybe it’s too complete. You get too much of some stuff and not enough of other stuff. There’s a weird separation/isolation vibe that is hard to describe. Maybe the solution is to take it back to the early days of the internet. Maybe the solution is a forum.


I have to make it “invite only” because of hackerbots and spambots and dummies. So if you want to join, prove that you are a real human by emailing us and asking for the registration link.

Jul 03 2018


We had our 15 yr Anniversary exhibition titled “Cybernetics” at Slow Culture Gallery in 2016. We released these posters as part of the festivities. These are silk screened by hand, signed, and numbered. Photo by Alex Martinez. We have a handful of them left and added them to the “back stock” section of the store. These came out awesome. You should get one.

18 x 24 inches
Edition of 100

And don’t forget, everything on sale!


Jun 25 2018

HAMBURGER EYES No. 34 + No. 35

Pleased to announce our 2 latest issues of Hamburger Eyes. The best part of doing this is meeting other photographers from different cities and adding them to the mix. These 2 issues have photos from The Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, France, Italy, Cuba, Shanghai, Brazil, New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Utah.

Bouwe Brouwer
Caleb Stein
Jefferson Lankford
Ray Potes
Matt Gottwig
Peter Black
Sophie Barbasch
Tommaso Sacconi
William Castellana

Jimbo Celzo
Angelo Partemi
Fernanda Peruzzo
Katia Morichetti
Nick Whiteford
Terry Zumalt
David Saxe
Robert Curl
Alex Merola

Each 120 Pages
6.69″ x 9.61″
Black and White
Matte Cover / Text
Perfect Bind
Published by Hamburger Eyes

Each issue $20, get both for $35 !

Shop more here : http://shophamburgereyes.com

Shop here : http://shophamburgereyes.com

Jun 20 2018


Photo by Terry Zumalt

Ok, we haven’t done this in a while. Double issue release coming up. Issues No. 34 and No. 35 on deck and out later this week. We will have a combination deal to get both of them. We have so many good photos to share with you. Stay tuned. Here is a sneak peak of what is to come.

Photo by Jefferson Lankford

Photo by Angelo Partemi

Photo by Bouwe Brouwer

Photo by Jimbo Celzo

Photo by Caleb Stein

Photo by David Saxe

Photo by Matt Gottwig

Photo by Katia Morichetti

Photo by William Castellana

Photo by Nick Whiteford

Photo by Tommaso Sacconi

Photo by Fernanda Peruzzo

Photo by Ray Potes

Photo by Robert Curl

Photo by Sophie Barbasch

Photo by Peter Black

Photo by Alex Merola

Jun 11 2018


Another NBA Championship for the Golden State Warriors! Photos from the street party celebrating the win.

Photos by Ray Potes

32 Pages
Published by Hamburger Eyes


Shop more here : http://shophamburgereyes.com