Aug 05 2019

Summer Town

Hope you are having a rad summer. I know things are crazy in the world right now, but despite that we need some me time to de-stress and reset. Once our minds our right, the path to freedom will show itself. It is our duty to be free and then help to free others. Might I suggest a weekly visit to the beach? We made some beach gear this year and guess what turned out awesome and comfy.

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Jun 27 2019



The Continuing Story of Life on Earth

Ray Potes
Zane Grant
Josh Ethan Johnson
Jimmy Kim
James Meredew
Jefferson Caine Lankford
Alex Herzog
Dan Ryan
Reuben Radding
Troy Holden

120 Pages
6.69″ x 9.61″
Black and White
Matte Cover / Text
Perfect Bind
Published by Hamburger Eyes



Jun 23 2019


Photo by Arthur Pollock

Hi Gang. It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. I think sometimes you just gotta take a break and go cruising for a while. But, we’re back in action and there is a new issue on deck.

This is going to sound complain-y, but it also re-shapes and informs me. It’s the submissions.

I am honored and flattered to get submissions to our magazine. My favorite part of this whole thing is to meet like minded photographers out there all over the world. But, most of the stuff coming in is still way off (submitting color studio photos) or under “developed” (I never shot photos before, here’s my first roll of b/w, here’s the entire roll.)

This tells me that maybe I am doing a bad job somewhere. Maybe not enough info on submissions page, maybe not enough descriptive text in our “marketing” like social media or website. Or just simply not enough outreach to the types of photographers I do want to work with. I think it’s a little of all of the above.

Anyways, my work is cut out for me. I will make a better submissions page. I will start writing articles again and try to share more photo philosophies. And I will do more out reach.

Just felt like sharing. More pages, more zines, and more books coming up!